Saturday, March 29, 2008

just one of the reasons why my boyfriend is amazing!

I receieved these and a Dr. Pepper Thursday night from my wonderful boyfriend, delivered by his mother and sister! He is so good to me. He was the one who was thinking about me, when I was the one who should have sent him something! *He had the state gymnastics meet this weekend, so was unable to come see me with his mom and sister.* I know how badly he wished he could have been there with us all. I love the flowers...they are so beautiful! I think I'll definitely keep this man around for a while ;0)

Thank you so much for the amazing flowers and my Dr. Pepper! I don't know what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you. Thank you for always thinking of me and being so thoughtful. You truly make my heart smile! Thank you baby! Can't wait until Thursday! You're the best blessing in my life..


* Tyly * said...

How romantic! They are beautiful!!!!

He definitely sounds like an amazing man!


Bryan said...

Well I am glad that you liked the flowers and I did really wish I could have been there. I am praying that you have a blessed and stress free day and remember that it can only last 24 hours. I can not wait to see you on Thursday.

I still live on the side of the road said...

Bryan you sound amazing! Can't wait to meet you! Chels-I think he's a keeper. But what am I already knew that =)

Celular said...

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Something's Gotta Give said...

Awwww, pretty flowers!

meredith said...


I'm going to be PDAS'ed tomorrow. Send a lil' prayer my way if you think about it!!! ;)


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