Monday, June 2, 2008

he's amazing!

My wonderful boyfriend came in to see me this past weekend. I had school on Friday and he said that when I got home, I would have a surprise waiting for me. This was completely out of the blue, so I had NO idea what he was going to do! He made me call him when I was on my way home that afternoon. When I arrived home, this is what I found...

this note was outside on my garage door

as I walked in, this is what I saw..
and continued to see while also hearing Brad Paisley's "She's Everything" playing in the background(Bryan says that song always reminds him of me)
up until I got to the sliding doors that lead outside the backyard to my patio

I opened the door and found this!

It was my SWING!

To give you a little background info, I've been wanting a porch swing forever. I don't have any room in my front yard for one, because I don't have a big porch, so no porch swing for me :0( So, I just wanted to get a swing that I could put out in my backyard on my patio. I'd been planning on getting my swing, but because I was recently put on a budget(thank you Bryan ;0) and took another look at my finances, I decided that the swing would have to wait. Bryan has a porch swing at his family's house and we love hanging out and relaxing on the porch swing. It's kind of our "thing"! So, that was my big surprise when I got home on Friday afternoon! He had gone and gotten my swing, spent all day outside putting it together, and got a really bad sunburn in the process! Poor baby!

I don't know which I was more impressed with; the swing, or the fact that he wrote sweet little notes all over the house and laid them down with roses. HOW ROMANTIC! :0) I was so impressed with him. I always say that I USED to think I was romantic, but I sure don't think so anymore. Bryan beats me in that category!

Here's a picture of my beautiful roses!

and all the little notes! I'm not sure if you can click on the picture and enlarge it, so I'll just write out what each note says. Baby, I hope this is ok. If not, oops! :0

  1. Because God chose you before I ever knew you I will always be yours.

  2. Because you love God more than you will ever love me, I know we will always be on the right path.

  3. Because you are an amazing kisser, saying goodnight will always be amazing.

  4. Because you make me laugh, I know we will never be bored.

  5. Because you make me smile, I know we will always be happy.

  6. Because you're an awesome teacher, I might learn how to spell one day! LOL

  7. I hope that you're not getting the impression that I actually like you!

  8. Because you can cook, I know I will never go hungry.

  9. Because you are selfless, I know you will be a great Mom.

  10. Because you are what I prayed for, I will always thank God every day.

  11. Because you are more than I deserve, I will always put you first.

  12. Because all my best memories happened when we were swinging, OPEN THE DOOR!

I am such a blessed woman! Thank you God for giving me more than I ever thought possible and even more than I thought I deserved!


Amy Holifield said...

Oh wow, Chelsey. Obviously this guy knows how lucky he is to have found you. And I will definately be showing this to my husband!!

cassandra sagan webb said...

Oh, Chelsey. That is so wonderful. What a wonderful man this Bryan guy is! What a beautiful idea (the roses) and that swing is incredible. Yay for sweet boys!

Stephanie said...

ohhhhhhhhh Cameron is gonna hate you. :)

Chelse. He is so great. He is more than great. He is exactly what you have spent your life looking for. And to think you had a stupid list...hehehehe

* Tyly * said...

Oh... my... gosh.

That is something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel.


Kat Correro said...

Reading Bryan's notes made me cry! Oh our wonderful Moss boys. I never knew Bryan was so romantic. I am quite jealous. Maybe I'll get something good for our anniversary. *fingers crossed* lol. Hope to see you again soon!

Blake & Shaunna said...

So sweet! I am jealous of your swing...I will have to make Blake read this post;)

Anonymous said...

Does he have any brothers that are single????

The Holik's said...

WOW!!! Chelsey. You are a lucky girl. I agree I love the swing. Brianne and I decided today at lunch that y'all just need to get married. :)
(She reads your blog by the way.)

Morgan said...

Yay! Precious! God is good!

Kelly Sellers said...

that's fabulous. i can already hear the wedding bells...i mean, oops, am i jumping the gun?! NAHHHH. he's a keeper! (but you already knew that! ;))

Amanda said...

oh my gosh!!!! what a great guy!!! Seriously!!! love it love it love it!

Heather said...

How sweet, romantic and fun!

Bryan and Susan Neal said...

This is ohhhh so sweet! Yes, my Bryan will definitely be seeing this also!


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