Saturday, June 7, 2008

a special gift

One of my parents, Allison Deen, came into my classroom to give me an end of year gift on Monday.

*Just a little background on Allison, she is married to Eddie Deen, of Eddie Deen's catoring. Before you continue reading this post, you must go check out his website here and then read this and this! Their daughter Abby was in my class this year!

Ok, back to the gift! So Allison gives me a wrapped package and when I open it, this is what I found. Please note the authors.

Yes, that would be Laura and Jenna Bush. The PRESIDENT'S wife and daughter! I'd never read this book, but wanted to. I read it when Allison gave it to me, and it's SO good! All teachers should go and buy it! Inside the book was this label:

So sweet! And now for the most exiting part:
it's AUTOGRAPHED BY LAURA AND JENNA BUSH! Maybe I'm a weirdo because I got so excited, but I think that's pretty stinking cool! I have Mimi (Abby's grandmother) to thank for that because she was the one who stood in line and got the book autographed! Thanks Mimi!

It was such a special gift to me and I love it so much! I'm so blessed to have had such wonderful parents this year. Thank you Deen family!


* Tyly * said...

Wow!!!!! That is an amazing gift!!!

I got nothing. Yes, nothing.

Stephanie said...

So cool! And maybe, just maybe, he can give you a great deal on catering for your wedding...because there WILL be a wedding. Soon I am betting. :) And then you can say, "the guy who catered the PRESIDENT'S dinners is serving food at my wedding" hehehe how neat would that be?!!

Amanda said...

what a thoughtful gift! I love that!


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