Friday, June 27, 2008

on the road again!

Bryan and I are heading out to Baton Rouge for his friend John's wedding! Morgan, we wish you and Chris could have come :0( We'll remember you in spirit! It should be a fun road trip so I'm excited, plus you know that I love me a wedding ;0) This is my first wedding to attend this summer which is a surprise. Normally I have about 50 billion weddings to go to in the summer, but now it's nice to go to HIS weddings instead of mine! Ok, well Bryan's telling me to get off so I better go. Hope everybody has a great, relaxing weekend! Love ya'll!


Erica @ life's not a paragraph said...

Man, I am SO jealous you're going to be in Baton Rouge! I miss that darn city so much!

* Tyly * said...

Hope you had a great time at the wedding!

Technically I don't know Megan... I found her through your blog! :o) One day I was bored, so I was reading blogs, and I really enjoyed hers. I love the way she writes! So I left her a comment telling her that, and now we're blog buddies! :o)


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