Sunday, September 14, 2008

6 months!!!!

Bryan just left so I'm all sad now! :0( But instead of being all sad, I thought I'd write a happy post! This weekend Bryan drove in from Shreveport and on Friday we celebrated our 6 month anniversary! Whoo Hoo! I can't believe that it has been 6 months, but it has! We decided that we just wanted to have a nice, quiet, night in, instead of going out. I decided to cook dinner while poor Bryan tackled the jungle in my backyard. He got everything done and then we enjoyed a nice, candlelit dinner! It was really good, if I do say so myself! ;0) It was a great night! Bryan told me that I couldn't put up an old picture with a new one and compare what we looked I just found one of our favorite pictures!

The rest of the weekend was really good. We met up with our best friend (who introduced us) Morgan and had lunch at McAlister's Deli, then went and did some shopping. Then we went and did more shopping and met up with Jacque and Jason that night. This morning we enjoyed a great sermon at church, had lunch, and then relaxed this afternoon. Why is it that time flies when you're having fun and suddenly it's already Monday?! Sheesh! Well, the good thing is that this week at school is college week, so I get to wear jeans again! Whoo hoo..I've gotten to wear them 2 weeks in a row!

Other good news was that Chase and Chandler won their football game again on Friday! That makes it 2-0! I can't wait for this weekend!

Ok, well sadly I have to go do my reading for grad school tomorrow night! Enjoy what's left of your evening and have a great week!


Bryan and Susan Neal said...

Happy 6 month Anniversary!! Times flies when you finally find "the one'!!! :)

cassandra sagan webb said...

I'm quitting at the end of this semester. Don't wanna broadcast it, though, since people who work at the school read my blog.

Morgan said...

I love you! Love the post! Love the picture!

Amanda said...

you guys are so gushy cute! happy 6 months!

Bryan said...

I love you so much Chelsey Snodgrass. You are everything that I could have every wanted. You make me so happy. I am such a bless man.


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