Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks Emily!!!

Here's one of the things that made my day today!

Emily, one of the girls that my mom taught with in Lorena just got married a year ago, so my mom put us in touch with each other when I was thinking about getting married in Waco. My mom had also been keeping her updated with me and Bryan! Emily was great about giving me lots of information about her wedding and really helped me out! It turns out that Emily's husband just got a job in the Dallas area, so they moved here. Emily e-mailed me asking about information on how I found my house, because they were looking for one. I e-mailed her all my information, and they ended up finding a house! Emily e-mailed me and told me they found one and then asked for my address. I thought she might mail me a thank you card or something but THIS is what I found when I checked my mail today!
It's the Bride's Thank You Note Handbook and the cutest card ever! AND Emily made it herself!
That package totally made my day and I'm so excited about my first gift! I can't wait to use it!

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Emily Fritch said...

You are so sweet! Your blog looks awesome! Great job!!!!! I'll look forward to keeping up with it. We need to get together here soon for lunch or something. I still haven't found a job so I'm pretty much available. Just let me know if you'd like to. I'm sure you are REALLY busy with teaching and planning a wedding!! Again, great blog!


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