Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wedding photographer,CHECK!!

We officially have a wedding photographer now! Whoo hoo! What I have failed to mention, is that several months ago, Bryan and I already booked a photographer from Waco. I'd had several friends that used her, seen some of her work, and loved it! Well this was back when I thought our date was June 20th INSTEAD of June 27th. So..fast forward to us getting the church and me having to change the date. I contacted our photographer to tell her about the date switch, but I then looked at her online calendar and saw that June 27th was BOOKED. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped. I freaked out slightly..however, I got over it, told myself it would be ok, and started the hunt for a new photographer (P.S. our old one was really nice and gave us our deposit back since it was so early and she couldn't do our date..praise Jesus!).

I researched for HOURS online on The Knot, talked to friends, family, anyone I knew, and got tons of recommendations. After a significant amount of research, I narrowed it down to
Fairy Tale Photography. I loved the website and I loved the prices! I discussed with Bryan, my family, and my matrons of honor ;0) and we figured out the perfect solutions at the perfect price! What was so awesome was that I actually got the new phototographer for a cheaper price! Jacque and I went tonight to meet my new photographer, Austin, and talk about what we wanted for my wedding. We had a great time and J and I really liked him. We were on the same page and he said he was really excited to shoot our wedding! I'm just so glad this part is over! Now on to more fun stuff! Make sure you click on the link and check our their pictures!


* Tyly * said...

My photographer is out of Waco! Jess Graham Photography.

What a sweet first gift to receive!

So where are you guys living after you get married? You're in Rockwall and he's in Louisiana, right? Or am I way off?

* Tyly * said...

What I saw of Rockwall was beautiful! I drove through quickly, but it was very nice!!! I'm not surprised he loves it there!

I thought you bought the house you live in now? Man, I must be losing it! Lol!

I'm so happy that everything is falling into place for you! You deserve so much happiness!

* Tyly * said...

Random question: Does Megan's wedding blog still work for you? I used to have access, but I don't anymore. Maybe I got the boot! Lol. :o(

cassandra sagan webb said...

It's a Canon PowerShot, S5IS. It's awesome!


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