Monday, December 22, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Well, I'm glad to report that Bryan and I officially have started our holiday adventures! :0) Bryan drove to Rockwall on Friday after I got out of school and we officially kicked off our Christmas break! Unfortunately though, we had to start it at the Dr.'s office!

All week long I've been battling a throat issue. It wasn't my throat that was hurting, but my right tonsil, or so I thought. I tried everything, but by Friday I couldn't take it anymore. It also made me really mad, because I've been trying to get a hold of my regular Dr. all week, and wasn't able to. I literally called and called all these different numbers, different times a day, left messages, and
never heard anything! I finally decided to skip my Dr.'s office and headed to the clinic instead. I'm happy to report that I got right in, they were so nice, and took great care of me! They did test me for strep, but thank goodness the test came back negative. They said that nothing was wrong with my tonsils, but it was actually my lymph nodes that were swollen. The Dr. ended up giving me some medicine that knocked me out, but made the pain go away!

I kept taking it on Saturday and it REALLY knocked me out, so most of the day on Saturday I slept. Poor Bryan was by himself most of the time, but he did a great job of taking care of me! He cleaned my kitchen, did dishes, hung up my huge pile of clean clothes, wrapped presents, and much more. He is so good to me! He's going to make an amazing husband...but then, that is why I'm marrying him! ;0) We did however, make time to have our Christmas, just the two of us! :0) Here are a few pictures of our first Christmas, opening gifts!

Bryan suprised me with a key to turn on the gas to my fireplace. For some reason one didn't come with my house, so he got one so we could enjoy a nice, romantic, fire! :0)

my handsome fiance' opening his gifts!
my turn!
my new jewelry box I've been wanting~accompanied with pictures of us on the top!
Christmas Story boxers! It's one of his favorite Christmas movies and he's always quoting it.. a new gift for the BBQ!
my new IPOD!! I was soooooo excited!!! And it's PINK!!!!
a handsome new shirt and tie for my baby!

the James Avery cross necklace he's been wanting!

Sunday morning, we got up and went to church, went to Walmart to get some groceries for dinner that night, and then I came home and took a nap! We then spent the rest of the afternoon & evening wrapping tons of presents! I thought our wrapping would never end! But it did!

We got everything loaded up on Monday and then traveled down to my parent's house in Lorena. We celebrated my family's Christmas today and had lots of fun! We're going to my grandparent's house tomorrow night for Christmas Eve/Day and then I'll be on my way Friday to Shreveport for Christmas with Bryan's family! I'm so excited!

Well, I'm signing off for tonight! I'll post lots more pictures later on this week when I can! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, celebrating with your friends and family!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Bryan said...

I love you baby. why don't you look at this LOVE YOU


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