Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This evening I went and got a pedicure (as instructed my by honey.....thanks babe! :0) and while I was there, decided to get a much needed eyebrow waxing. The lady who did my waxing, went and got all the stuff and then came to wax my eyebrows. When she got close, she started looking at my eyebrows and then started muttering under her breath in Chinese. I have no idea what she was saying, but it was NOT good.

She then started talking to me and pointing to my eyebrows. I was obviously confused, so she grabbed a mirror, and gave it to me, motioning that I was supposed to look at my eyebrows. She said, "Oh look..what you do. You pluck too much on this one. This one is pretty eyebrow, but this one no."

After looking SUPER close, I noticed what she was talking about. Evidently, I decided to pluck one small area at the beginning of my eyebrow a little too much (which in my defense I don't remember..maybe a few stray hairs, but not a whole section!). She said, "You no pluck. Come see me, but no pluck!" Hahaha..I said, "ok, I see now. I see."

So she waxed my eybrows, and finished to her liking, before telling me that, "it be will grow. No more pluck! You like?!" Hahaha..

I got reprimanded by my nail lady. I totally felt about 2 yrs old. It didn't help when all of the other nail people noticed my uneven eyebrows that the lady pointed out to EVERYONE and got these "tsk..tsk..shame on dare you pluck your eyebrows" look.

Well believe me, now I know!


Shaunna said...

I have NEVER had my eyebrows waxed! I'm sure your little lady would have LOTS to say about my uneven brows-hehe!

cassandra sagan webb said...


The Holik's said...

I get mine waxed every once in a while, but i'm 2 scared 2 go to the chinese people. :) Jason's always getting on 2 me that i need 2 pluck my eyebrows. didn't think guys noticed stuff like that.

JMMSchoenfield said...

I always get in trouble from my Chinese lady that does my nails and eyebrows, because I only do my eyebrows for special occasions and she say "You need come more often" I try to "maintain" them in between visits, but im afraid im going to butcher them, so I usually just let them grow into

cassandra sagan webb said...

I thought about working at a coffee shop, too. What did you like about it? What did you hate about it, other than working late? How long did you work there? Was it Starbucks, or another coffee shop?

mnk ♥ said...

hahahaha. that is amazing.


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