Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010!

Happy (day after) Valentine's Day! Bryan and I had a wonderful time celebrating our first Valentine's Day as a married couple!

We decided to celebrate a day early on Saturday. I woke up on Saturday morning and surprised Bryan with a homemade breakfast of his favorites (or actually what I could find in our kitchen..hehe). We relaxed the rest of the day, did some last minute shopping, and got Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. I worked all afternoon on his present I was going to give him on Sunday, which was his candy bar poster. I also cut out lots of pink and red hearts and wrote little messages on them saying "thank you" or "I love this about you".

We got ready and then drove to Mesquite and ate at Olive Garden! Seeing how it was the Saturday night before V-day, I was very surprised that we only ended up waiting about 35 minutes! The food and service was great and we had a wonderful evening! We drove home and then watched a movie in bed to end our evening! Bryan also gave me a dozen beautiful pink roses! They were called "Hot Princess" roses~he thought I'd like the name! :)

That night, Bryan went to bed before I did, so I went and taped up all of my little hearts around the house (and in places he still hasn't found yet, hehe) for him to find in the morning. We woke up the next morning and went to church and to our life group and had a wonderful time! After church, we received a text message from Bryan's parents asking us what our plans were, and we called them back and ended up driving to Tyler and meeting them halfway.

We had lunch at Crackle Barrel and then just sat and talked for a while. After we left Crackle Barrel, we just drove around Tyler and ended up at Starbucks. We got some hot drinks and sat and talked some more. Mom and Dad gave us our Valentine's gifts and balloons and we drove home after that.

Overall, it was a great day and a great weekend! Pictures of our Valentine's Day and gifts are below!

my beautiful roses and card from Bryan!
Valentine's Day balloons from Mom!
stuffed heart from Dad and Victoria's Secret gift card from Mom!
Bryan and I before dinner Saturday night!

Bryan's poster I gave him! Note: I stole this idea from a friend and have been wanting to use it forever! I loved it, and give you all full permission to use it and pass it on! :)

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so thankful I married you and love that you're such a NERD! I love how you make me SNICKER and laugh! I'd go to the MILKY WAY for you! Even if we never have 100 GRAND I'd never care because every day with you is PAY DAY! Thank you for being my LIFESAVER! Our love is NUTRAGEOUS and I promise to love you NOW AND LATER!"


Erin said...

Sonds like a great first V-Day! I love all of your cute ideas and you may be seeing them again :). Some of my favorite dates are just driving around with no plans and stopping to talk over coffee!

Amy Holifield said...

Oh my goodness, Chelsey, I saw two tickers at the top of your page and my heart stopped for a sec!!! Looks like y'all had a great first Valentine's, and I love your poster, I think I'll steal the idea if you dont' mind. Cameron's birthday is in a couple days.

Lindsey S said...

I love this!! What a special valentine's day and I love the poster you made -- super creative and cute!


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