Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well people, I've been sitting here, trying to think of something interesting to write about, but I'm coming up with nothing. I get that this is supposed to be more like my own personal online journal (that everyone is allowed to see..hehe), but I will admit that I love all of my blog friends that I've made and love reading your blogs. I just have no idea how you do some things! Like, how in the world do you get all of those comments? Seriously..I think the post that I got the most comments on was when I announced that I was engaged, but I haven't come close to getting that many comments in a LONG time! Plus, I just wrote 2 very long posts about my trips to London and Germany and got NO comments at all except for Tyly (thank you Tyly for your comment J). I know that I'm probably being a big baby, but it just gets frustrating when you work so hard and long on some posts and nobody ever says anything about it at all. Ok, I'm done with my rant now.

Question number two, how in the world do you all get so many followers? I added the box and follow other people but, I don't know how to get more followers. Ok, well I guess that's all. I still don't have anything interesting to talk about. My husband is now sick, and stayed home yesterday. That was great fun. He went to the Dr. and got 2 shots in the hiney and lots of meds, so he should be on the road to recovery. Bad news is that my ear still is stopped up and I can't hear ANYTHING. That is annoying as CRAP! I'm so over it.

Ok, husband is yelling at me to get off and go to bed, so goodnight all!


* Tyly * said...

You're welcome for the comment! I understand how you feel!

The only way I've managed to gather a few followers is by commenting on lots of blogs. I always check out the blogs on other people's blog lists, and if they interest me at all, I'll add them to my Google Reader. I make sure to leave comments, and sometimes people comment back, and I make new friends!

I wish I had more answers! Keep it up - I enjoy reading! :)

Kyrbie Alexis said...

if it makes you feel better I rarely have comments either! or followers for that matter....but I know people read them because they've told me, so I keep blogging when I can :)

Taylor-Made Wife said...

I found that the more I commented on other's blogs, the more comments and followers I got. I'm not a profound writer or anything so I know it wasn't from my great writing.lol. Its also been a busy time for everyone.

JMMSchoenfield said...

I would leave alot more comments on others blogs including yours, however, most of the time when I am reading blogs I have a sleeping baby in my arms and cant reach the keyboard without waking her up...so if I cant do something with a click of a mouse, then it doesnt get done. I dont get many commments either, but I just decided that I blog more for a record of events for myself so that when I go to scrapbook I have a rough idea of when things happened, lol.

Amber said...

You will get there sweetie! When I first started blogging I was really discouraged becasue I didn't have many followers or comments. There are multiple things that I have tried that has increased my following, comments & overall enjoyment of blogging (this might be long!):

-Comment on various blogs - not just those you follow. Check out one or two random bloggers each day and comment. More people will see the link to your blog and stop by.

-Keep your posts manageable. A long post every once and while is okay, because sometimes you just have a lot to share. But in general, keep your posts to a 3-4 minute read. More people are likely to read your entire post and find something to comment about instead of just moving onto the next blog.

-Ask your readers questions. If you're posting about a topic in general - ask what they think - ask for advice. Your readers will leave comments and actually learn something from one another. (Like with this post!)

-Host a giveaway! Seriously - the best way to get new readers.

-Ask people to guest post on your blog. If you really like a particular persons blog and you see that they have a a good following, ask them to guest post on your blog. Chances are they will leave a post on their blog that says "I'm over at Chelsey's blog today - you should go check her out!" and they will leave a link to your blog. So some of their readers might come and check you out.

I know this is a lot. LOL. But I know how you feel and I struggled for a long time - so I hope this helps!

Linz said...

I have never commented, but I read your blog. I found it from Amy's. Just thought I would let you know!

Jennifer Gallagher said...

I was just thinking the same thing about my own blog! I don't have many followers and no one ever comments and I was thinking about giving it up.

FYI, I've never commented on your blog, but I read it. I found it on Steph's blog. I'll start posting so you know we're out here!

Makenzie said...

i agree, shorter posts and include photos in each one!!

of course, i still struggle with it all too :)


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