Thursday, April 15, 2010

GREAT news!

So, yesterday when I got home and checked the mail, I saw that we had a big packet from our taxes guy. This year we decided to have the guy that Bryan's family has used for years do our taxes (since we got married and all that jazz). We filled out everything and sent it in, and then yesterday we got all of our information back in the mail! When I saw how much our refund was, saying that I was thrilled is putting it lightly! I called Bryan immediately and told him, and he shouted out a big whoo hoo! Let's just say that with our refund money, we'll be able to do a lot, and get several things that we've been waiting for. For example, a new DINING ROOM TABLE!! Whoo hoo! I've been waiting for a real dining room table for over a year now, and I'm so excited that I'm finally going to be able to get one that I'm about to pee my pants! We've started looking around at furniture stores, and are going tonight to several stores to just look around and price check. We got all of our furniture last year from The Dump in Dallas and LOVE that place! We'll see what all is in the surrounding area before we go to The Dump.

We want something that's rectangular, dark cherry wood, and seats at least 6, but includes a leaf to seat 8. With both of our families being so large, it's really important to me to have a table big enough that we can all sit around and be in the same room! I'm also so excited because I'll actually get to use all of my nice table settings that I got from the wedding! Yippee!!

So my question for you is, where did you find your dining room table or where is your favorite place to shop for furniture with good deals?

P.S Thanks a lot for all of your comments yesterday about the birthday post! I really appreciate it!


Amy Holifield said...

Are you going to get your camera? We used our big refund (thanks Brynna!) towards the camera and a new washer/dryer.

Makenzie said...

our dining room table is a hightop 2 seater that people in our apt complex were getting rid of. it was $125 steal! black paint and it looks fabulous and could be used in a bar area. we don't have patio furniture either, so it's easy to take out onto the deck when we want to go out there :) haha, we are little cheapos to say the least!

Erica @ on the move said...

When we've bought furniture in the US, we've gone to Ashley and have always been pleased with it.

We got a big tax refund this year, but it's going toward paying back my parents the money they fronted us to buy tickets for the girls and I to go home, and toward a nice laptop for Chris while he's deployed.

* Tyly * said...

YAY for a big return!!

We just bought a ton of furniture, and like Erica mentioned, we used Ashley. They usually have really great deals, and right now they are giving away TVs! We've been happy so far.

Congrats on the BIG $$$!!

Jennifer Gallagher said...

I got this beautiful dining room set from my mom who used Rooms To Go. She gets everything from there and loves it! It's the nicest thing we own. We've had it almost a year and I still drool over it when I see it. I am still in love with this dining room set. Don't worry, my husband is ok with it. ;) Good luck.

Erin said...

We got a HUGE refund last year and I think it's because of the marriage thing. Sweet!

We are about to be on our 3rd table in 2 years of marriage. We get around :) All 3 have been hand me downs, but this 3rd one is my dream table so I hope it sticks around. It was from American Furniture, which I think is a Colorado thing. Check out Oak Express of Furniture Row.

Have fun picking it out!


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