Monday, August 16, 2010

Phi Lamb Officer Reatreat 2010 and other random updates!

Well, I made it back! It was definitely an interesting weekend, but a good one! Jacque and I drove down to Hunt, TX (which is about a 5 hr drive for us..yipee) and made it to the place where we were staying, Mo Ranch. Now, I have to tell you, this place was WAY back in the middle of nowhere. Like, I had to drive no faster than 40 mph the entire 11 miles back to the ranch on a 2 lane highway. Super fun, however the view was beautiful!
Now, unfortunately when we got there, we found that our sleeping accomodations were NOT as beautiful. May I introduce a room of hard bunkbeds to you?

Do you perhaps need some sheets to sleep with? Here you go! You have to make it yourself of course! :)
AND let's not forget my favorite part.......

yep, toilets that were built for midgets! Seriously, we were taller than the stall, and when you sat down you couldn't bend your head down or you'd open the stall door..which DIDN'T have locks on them!

and let's not forget the wonderful urinals that also accompanied our toilets. Can you say GROSS?!!!! Anyways, the good thing was that we didn't have to pay for anything, so we just took one for the team!

The other funny (not really) part was that since we were out in the middle of nowhere, when we got there we found out that we had NO SERVICE at all on our phones. I mean no one, no phone, at all! I got so tired of seeing that stupid message all weekend! The only bad thing was that I planned on calling Bryan when I got to the ranch, but obviously that was out of the question! So, Jacque and I decided to drive back into town Friday night to call our men. We were so happy to finally have one bar on our phones and got to talk to the boys! The best part though was on our way back when we encountered on the road : a herd of deer, a possum, 2 raccoons a cat, AND a porcupine!!

Overall, the weekend with our sisters and officers was really great! Quite adventurous, but we had a great time!

I was also blessed when I got home and my hubby surprised me with a clean house, a pink crape mertle for our front yard that I'd been wanting AND these:

Aren't they beautiful?! And they smell so good!

Today was also our first day back to school and it wasn't too bad. Really boring though..I mean, how fun can sitting from 1:30-4:00 and reading the school handbook be? Ugh..shoot me now!

After school, I went to my yoga class for the 4th time in a row and I definitely didn't like this class as well as the other ones. It might have been due to the fact that I was really tired, or maybe it was because I had a male instructor...who was the hairiest man beast that I've ever seen...who was also wearing a pair of windshorts...with nothing on under them....and he sweated through them until they were a dark, sopping wet, red color. Appetizing huh? Now I know not to go back to that one! I was glad I went though. I definitely worked (and sweated) by butt off! :)

Well, I think those are all of my updates for tonight! This tired girl is off to bed! Night, night! :)

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The Conway's said...

Haha...gotta love the memories that took place!! The bunk beds are hysterical. Looks like you enjoyed yourself...and you had a beautiful surprise waiting when you got back home!


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