Sunday, August 1, 2010

WHAT a week!!

Well, this is going to be a LONG post, so sit down and get comfortable! :)

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you all who commented on my last post! I appreciated all of your sweet words and suggestions and was so relieved to know that I'm not the only one in this position! I'm really trying harder to put myself out there, even if it's just speaking up more. I am excited because I have plans to go see a movie with one of the girls in my life group so I'm really excited! I'm also planning a girls day for the group sometime soon!

Now, let's move on to all of the excitement and D-R-A-M-A that happened in my life this past week! Before I begin, you need to know that Bryan was scheduled to go on a "man trip" to San Marcos with his brother and some friends from college and they were going to camp out and float the Guadalupe river Wed-Sat.

Last weekend, Bryan began complaining about his lower back hurting, but we didn't know what he'd done and it wasn't a really big deal. He stretched, took some hydrocodon and nothing really changed.

*MONDAY* Bryan wakes me up at 7:30 a.m telling me to go get a hydrocodon NOW! I go get him one, and discover that basically he's in so much pain that he can't move, can't get out of bed, anything. So, I have to PUSH AND PULL him out of bed so he can stand up. Let me also say that my husband has a VERY high pain tolerance and he was moaning/groaning like I'd never heard before and was in so much pain he was almost crying. By now, he said we have to go to the Dr. so I get online and look to see if there's an appointment open. *B/c we're teachers in the district, we get to make appointments online and go to a clinic that Rockwall provides that is free to all teachers.* Well, I got online and of course there were NO appointments open, so he said we're going to the ER! So I throw on a t-shirt and shorts, oh and did I mention that my husband couldn't even put his own clothes on so I had to dress him?! 

We get in the car and I drive him to the ER and get him checked in. They take him to his room, do blood and urine tests on him to rule out possible kidney stones or an infection. Everything comes back normal, so no kidney stones. They say "maybe you pulled a muscle" and Bryan says, "No, it's not that. I've pulled a back muscle before and this isn't it." They just don't really know what it is and didn't really do much to find out. Bryan told them that he has had his appendix rupture and that was a 10 on the pain scale and his back pain at that moment was a 7. So, they end up giving him a shot of liquid motrin and a valium pill. Yes, you heard right, VALUIM! The nurse that gave him the pill even said, "Yeah, it won't really help with the main, but it will make you relax and go to sleep!" WHAT THE HECK?!!

So basically we check out of the ER with nothing learned, and Rx for Valium and hydrocodon. Great. So we get back online to check and see if there's any appointments at the free clinic and what do you know?! They had one! Of course it opens up AFTER we leave the ER! So, we go and get some lunch and then go home. Bryan goes to sleep at 12:00 and doesn't wake up until 4:15!! That stupid pill completely knocked him out and he said he hated how it made him feel and he's never taking one again!

We get to the clinic, see our favorite PA and she hears about our ER adventure, and is shocked that they didn't really do anything for Bryan except give him the stupid Valium. She was great and did some more tests and excersises to figure out what it might be, then decides that it's his sciatic nerve. Something is pinching it/irritating it/something to cause all of his pain. She ends up giving him a steriod shot, some pain shot, and a Rx for muscle relaxers that even the stupid ER didn't give! He did get some relief thank goodness. Oh and you can imagine how we felt after finding out that our wonderful ER visit is going to cost us around $1000 when we went to the clinic and actually got helped for FREE! You can imagine how upset we were about that! Please be praying that God will bring the finances for that! :) Overall, Monday was a horrible day.

  *TUESDAY* I went to babysit early Tuesday morning for my favorite kids, and thank goodness Bryan was feeling MUCH better on Tuesday! His younger brother Colby ended up coming over to our house to get ready to leave on their man trip. Bryan had a large small  meltdown about how much the ER bill is going to cost us at dinner that night. Oh, did I mention that we were at Buffalo Wild Wings? Yes, I was that crazy woman yelling at her husband in the restaurant! :) I told him we can't do anything about it now, to trust God to provide, He won't ever give us anything we can't handle, everything was going to be ok, and we got over it! :)

*WEDNESDAY* Bryan and Colby head out on their man trip around 9:30 that morning and I went up to work in my classroom. I go to Target that afternoon and while I'm there, get a call from my MIL saying that my father in law, Bob HAD A HEART ATTACK AND WAS IN THE HOSPITAL!! I'm thinking, "You have got to be kidding me!" She then tells me that he's going into surgery and that Dad has asked to please not tell the boys b/c they would of course leave their trip and go immediately to see them. So, worried about Dad at the moment, I agreed. Mom kept me updated on Dad's status, everything went fine, they found that one of his femoral arteries was blocked and the others were too, but only 33% so they were going to correct those with medicine. That night he woke up and was doing really well. He actually sent me a text message that night, so I knew he was doing good. 

Oh and don't forget that I'm HOME ALONE, already had my husband in the ER two days ago, and now I have this emergency happen, and I can't tell my husband. Anyone want to imagine how I was feeling! :) I ended up calling my mom and my best friends J & J and they made me feel better. Even though I did NOT agree with lying to my husband, I did my best to assess the situation and make the best decision I thought was right. I knew that the most important person right now was Bob. I didn't want to make him more upset and make things worse, and I knew that's what would happen if the boys left and went to him. I would stay updated and then tell Bryan if things changed for the worse. Also, I realized that Bryan and I had never discussed what to do in this type of situation, so I was just doing what I thought was best. I would recommend that if you and your husband/family have not discussed what to do in this type of situation, do so immediately!

*THURSDAY* I stayed updated on Dad's progress and he was doing great. Went to IKEA and to Teacher's Tools to stay productive and keep my mind off of things! Plus it was great to hang out with my bestie! :) I talked to Bryan every day and he was having a blast on his man trip.

*FRIDAY* Long story short, this was the day the boys found out about dad. Jason (brother in Germany) called the house and Granny (who suffers from dimensia) told Jason about Dad's heart attack. Jason doesn't really understand her, so he calls Willa and Bob, can't get ahold of them, and calls BRYAN! He called me, didn't know if Granny was talking crazy or true, can't get ahold of Mom and Dad, wants me to try, so I called Willa and she called Bryan and told them the truth. She calms him down, reassures him that Dad is doing great, is going home tomorrow, and to finish their trip. They agree, Bryan's not mad at me, the end.

*Chelsey wipes off forhead* Geez, that makes me tired just typing all of that! If you're actually still reading, props to you! Bryan and the boys came home safe and sound yesterday, and I'm so glad to have my hubby back! Dad is home and doing great, actually healthier than he was before the surgery. Please keep praying for his recovery! Ok, well I think that's enough info for tonight! Thanks for reading! :)


* Tyly * said...

WHOA! Glad you made it through all of that drama!!

JMMSchoenfield said...

Wow Chelsey, that would be really hard for me to not tell if I was in that situation! Sorry you had to go through that and glad everything is ok. As far as the siatic nerve incident, Im going to suggest a chiropractor. I have always had trouble on and off with mine, but never did anything about it until I got pregnant...It went from an incidenet every few months to almost every day because my babies put more pressure on it. Then I went to the chiropractor and it was such a big relief. Its not something you can do just once and be magically cured, but I am all for methods that make me feel better without having to take medicine. Just a thought!

The Conway's said...

Wow! Definitely a stress filled week! Hopefully this week is better.


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