Thursday, August 12, 2010

yoga update!

Well, I'm glad to report that yoga has been going very well! I went 3 days in a row and am VERY proud of myself! Believe me when I say that I have never worked out this hard in a very long time..if ever!

I went to session A on Tuesday, session B yesterday evening, and I did my first official Fire 60 class today!  Session B went so much better than the first day (probably due to the fact that I had eaten and drank a spark before class). The intro classes basically teach you the poses for the Fire class. The Fire 60 class is actually harder because you're only doing one set, but holding it twice as long. The Fire 90 min class does 2 sets, but only holds them half of the time. This afternoon I did have to lay down on my mat a time or 2, but not for long. I think that going 3 days in a row definitely made my body tired and I just need a break. Good thing I'm getting one this weekend! ;) I'm also even more proud of myself because my body is really getting used to sweating and being in that 98.6 degree heat with the 60% humidity. I can't even imagine how relaxing the 90 degree classes will feel like! :) I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be sticking with doing the hot yoga and it makes me feel very happy! I just love the fact of how the heat/sweating detoxes my body, plus I feel like I've done the hardest workout ever and that leaves me feeling good! I've accomplished a lot!

Even though I'm definitely proud of all my hard work this weekend, it's time for some relaxation! This weekend is my annual Phi Lamb officer's retreat and I'll be heading down to Hunt, TX this weekend with my bestie Jacque. When we graduated from college, Jacque and I became members of the Alumni Council for our sorority, Sigma Phi Lambda. Each year, we meet with our new officers at ASU, the alumni board and other councils from over 18 other chapters in the US! It's a great time of bonding, sisterhood, and just lots of fun praising the Lord! Please be praying that we have a safe drive, our time would be sweet, and God would move! Even though I'm sad to be away from my hubby, I can't wait to see my sisters! :)

Well, I'm also gearing back up for teacher inservice starting on Monday, so who knows when you'll see me next! I can't believe school is almost here! Hope you all have a great weekend!


* Tyly * said...

Way to go!! And have a great weekend. :)

Kelsey Claire said...

I hope you had a great time at retreat. I had to give it up this year. I just couldn't handle it! You are a better women than I!


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