Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Beginning of a New Chapter...

Tomorrow I will experience something brand new! My best friend is having her first baby and I will officially become an "honorary aunt" to Miss Alexis Joy White! This is so surreal to me...

I can remember 12 years ago in Ms. Kaufman's biology class when I became partners with a girl named Kyrbie Green. We both became partners with each other for our bug project because we didn't want to be partners with this other scary girl! Little did we know, that one project would result in us becoming best friends! We've gone through freshman band, football games, super fans, cheerleading, boys and lack of, slumber parties, sweet 16's, Gracie's birth, road trip to Brownwood, college, our "serious" boyfriends,  Kyrbie's engagement and wedding, college graduations, first jobs, my engagement and wedding, and now Kyrbie's going to become a mama tomorrow!

I am SO excited to start this new chapter of mine and Kyrbie's relationship! The past 12 years have been so wonderful and I know the future years will bring even more amazing memories! I had the pleasure of being with Kyrbie when her baby sister Gracie was born, and now I'll have the pleasure to be there when her child is born! I just think that's amazing and there is no other place I'd rather be!

Kyrbie Alexis Green White,

Your friendship is so precious to me and I can't thank you enough for being such a best friend! I know that you are going to be such an amazing mother to Lexi! I can't wait until I can join you in this journey of motherhood! Love you more than you know!

Chelsey Sue Snodgrass Moss

and in honor of this occasion, here are some blasts from the past! ;)

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Kyrbie Alexis said...

you are so sweet! I'm just now catching up on facebook and the blogging world. I love this post as well as the one after it :). We are so glad that you and Bryan came down for the delivery of our sweet baby girl. We are in for the journey of our lives and are glad that we can share it with you! And wow...12 years of friendship?? We're getting so old! Thanks again for everything.


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