Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Destin 2012

We took our first family vacation the last week in June/first week of July with my side of the family! Bryan and I originally had planned on flying to Destin, but waited too long to get tickets so we ended up driving. We had my mom and sister Chalen ride with us to help out and I am SO glad that we did! Best decision ever!

We left on a Thursday after Bryan was done with summer school and drove 6 hrs to Clinton, MS. Abigail did WONDERFUL! We just took our time and had fun! We stayed at a hotel in Clinton and spent the night. Unfortunately, Abigail decided that she didn't want to sleep that night, so I spent most of the night up with her until I finally put her in the queen sized bed with us. Needless to say, Mommy didn't get much sleep!

The next morning we got up and drove the rest of the way to Destin! We arrived late afternoon and got checked into our condo and met the rest of my family who had already arrived.

That night Abigail was up again and ended up sleeping in bed with us again, but thank goodness slept through the night the rest of our trip! I think it just takes her a night to get adjusted to the new place we're at!

The next day we took our first trip to the beach! Abigail put her toes in the ocean/sand for the first time and had fun sleeping on Mommy and Nana!

The rest of the week was spent relaxing at the beach! We were in Destin on the 4th of July so we went out to dinner and watched fireworks on the beach! It was really cool. Nana also took some family pictures of us on the beach and they turned out great!

We left the next day and drove back to Clinton, spent the night in the same hotel and drove back home the next day. We stopped in Shreveport and had lunch with Grams, Pops, and Uncle Colby. It was great to see them! We were glad to be home though. We were so grateful that Abigail was such a wonderful traveler! We had a wonderful first family road trip! :)

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