Monday, July 30, 2012

Abigail's 2 month checkup

Abigail turned 2 months on July 1st, but since we were in Destin on vacation at that time we had to schedule her appointment for later that month, on July 19th. I remember when we were making the appointment, I stood there at the desk and entered the appointment into my phone when we agreed on it. The week of her appointment I was of course nervous about it, because I knew she was going to be getting her 2 month shots. I was scared of the unknown. Would she be ok, would she run a fever, should I give her medicine before, should I give her medicine after, how would she handle it, how much pain would she be in, would she sleep a lot, a little? I mainly felt guilt. I was going to take her there knowing full well that I was going to cause my baby pain, ON PURPOSE! I hated that feeling. I talked with Bryan about it and my wonderful husband told me that he would rather cause her a little bit of pain now, that would only be temporary, than cause her greater pain that would have repercussions when she was older. We talked about how Jesus does the same thing with His children, because He loves us. That made me feel a little better!

Thursday arrived and we arrived at our appointment and signed in. Long story short, they told us that they didn't have Abigail scheduled for the day and they didn't have time for her. I was SO mad! I KNEW that her appointment was that day and time, and I didn't mess it up. I was about to go Mama Bear on that receptionist so Bryan took over, but they didn't do anything to help. They scheduled us for a WEEK later because that was the earliest they could get her in. So now, basically Abigail would be getting her 2 month shots the week before she turns 3 months old! Ugh! I was so mad. I was just thankful that I hadn't given her any Tylenol before the appointment! didn't have the appointment card either to prove that we had one that day. Lesson learned, ALWAYS get an appointment card, even if you know you'll remember. Also, make sure that you receive a confirmation call from the Dr.'s office before your appointment. I didn't get one that week. Another lesson learned!

Thursday came and went and she did great at her appointment! She measured 22 and 3/4 inches and weighed a whopping 8lbs and 15.5 oz, aka 9lbs! Did I mention that she turns 3 months old on Wednesday! Obviously, I was shocked that she weighed so little. She was in the 10th percentile in weight, but 70/75th percentile for length and head. Basically she's just long and skinny! The dr. said that she was a little worried about her weight, but it wasn't anything that we needed to be too concerned with right now. She said I didn't need to start supplementing with formula or anything like that. Abigail just needs to double her birth weight by the time she's 6 months old. I'm trying not to over worry about it or my milk or how much I'm producing, but I'll admit it's hard. I do have peace right now knowing that she is healthy and happy, so she's fine. Heck, she's been sleeping through the night since forever, so obviously she's not starving!

After Dr. Pascoe left, we knew what was coming. THE SHOTS! OH NO! Bryan and I were both nervous. Daddy played with Abigail while we waited on the nurse to come in.
Daddy is soooo funny!
Oh Dad! Enough with the kisses!
I love you Daddy!
The nurse finally came in and gave her the oral one first, then asked us to hold her hands. I just wanted it to be over with already! I couldn't watch so I just looked at Abigail's face, which maybe wasn't the best idea either. The shots were over super fast, but right after the first one, she went completely stiff and started screaming. I've never heard that scream before and when I heard that I instantly started crying with her. I picked her up when it was over and she was still completely stiff. I just wanted to soothe her as fast as I could so I immediately started nursing her. It didn't take too long for her to start nursing, but she was so pitiful. She would be nursing and then stop and start crying again, like she just remembered she was in pain. We were all pitiful! I was crying, she was crying, Bryan was crying. We just sat there holding her, telling her it was ok.

Thankfully, after she ate, she was fine so we packed up and went to the car. I took this picture in the car on the way home and she just looked a little sad, not traumatized for life, so that was reassuring! I love her so much!
She really didn't have any side effects from the shots. Her legs weren't really tender and didn't get red, she didn't run a fever (we gave her Tylenol after her shots), and she slept normally. I was so glad! I'm just glad it's over! :)

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