Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I joined the club :(

December 2, 2012

Today I joined a club that everyone told me I would join one day. They said it happens to us all, but I didn't believe them. I thought if I tried really hard, I could avoid it. I was wrong.

Today I joined the "I let my baby roll of the bed" club. :( *hangs her head in shame

I had just picked up Abigail from the babysitters and she was sleepy so we went and laid down in my bed to take a nap. I was on the phone with my mom and Abigail was laying right beside me, in the middle of the bed. She was rolling around, talking to me like normal. I saw that she was rolling around, changing postitions, but I was still watching her. I got off the phone with my mom and placed my phone down, then looked to my right to see Abigail's booty in the air, kicking her feet, falling head first to the ground. I can remember everything happening in such slow motion. When I saw her, I knew she was going to fall off the bed. I knew that there was no way I could get up off the bed and run around to the other side, or even leap over to the side of the bed and grab her feet. She fell so fast. I can just remember thinking "Oh my God, she just fell off the bed!"

I raced to the other side where she was just laying on her back, looking up at me. As soon as she saw me she started crying. I grabbed her and just began apologizing over and over again, asking her if she was ok. I checked her over and she saw that she was fine. She didn't even really cry that hard or very long. That's when I lost it. I was the one bawling and cried more than she did! Bryan was still at work and I called him and blubbered out that Abigail had rolled off the bed. After he found out she was ok, he told me that everything was ok, and it wasn't a big deal. That still didn't make me feel any better though. I kept checking her for signs of a concussion, but she didn't have any. She didn't even have a bump or bruise or anything. I still was scared to put her back on our bed, or her changing table, etc. I just sat on the floor with her for a while because that's the only place I felt really safe with her!

She was her normal self again after that, but I felt bad the whole rest of the night! :( When we went to bed I was still crying. I told Bryan that I could still see her falling in my mind. We just praised God that He protected her and she was fine. Let me tell you, I don't wish that on any parent! It was such a horrible feeling, knowing you had hurt your child, when you love them so much! I'm better now, but believe me when I say that day was tramatizing for Mommy! So that's my story of how I joined the club.


The Holik's said...

Oh, Chelsey!! Good thing is you have traumatized yourself enough that it won't ever happen again......that is until your next baby!! :)

All 3 of mine have rolled off.....felt the same way you did.

The Conway's said...

I'm in the club too. Amelia was on the couch and she fell off face first. It was horrible because I could see her falling in slow motion but couldn't catch her. Lets try not to join any more "clubs". Haha


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