Monday, June 10, 2013

Precious Moments

I wanted to write a post so I would remember today! It was a good day for the most part, but also a little bit rough. Abigail kicked off her summer by waking up at her normal 6:15! :) I went and got her out of bed and then went to get her morning milk. I have known that I needed to start the switch over from Abigail drinking out of a bottle into her sippy cup. We've played around with this before, but she was not a fan! She will drink water out of a straw sippy cup just fine, but not her milk. No ma'am! It was bottle or nothing else!

I decided to wait until summer started so I could fully devote myself to the task when I knew we weren't going anywhere or had anything pressing on our schedule. So, today was the day! I put her milk in her cup and gave it to her. She took one drink, and then threw the cup down and went to play. Ugh! So proceeded the rest of the morning. She would get mad because she wanted her bottle, but then wouldn't drink out of the cup. She shook it, spit it out and did everything but drink it. I knew she would get thirsty eventually and she would take a sip or two, so I wasn't too worried. I just put the cup back in the fridge and would take her back every now and then and ask if she wanted her milk. No luck.

I fed her breakfast and after several tantrums and spankings during the morning, put her down for her nap. She slept for about 30 minutes and then woke back up. Thankfully she decided when she woke up that she was thirsty and drank the rest of her milk. She got mad when it was all gone so I gave her some more. Did she drink it? Nope, she got mad it was still in the cup and refused to drink it. Ugh! I'm not going to lie. Our morning was rough. There were lots of tears and tantrums, but I just gave her a hug and held her and told her it was the cup or nothing!

We had lunch played in the water and then took a nap. While she was sleeping, I ran to Target and left Daddy in charge. When I returned, I walked in and saw Abigail sitting on the floor drinking her milk out of a BOTTLE! WHAAAAATTTTTTT???!!! Yep, when she woke up she wanted her bottle and was freaking out, so Bryan caved and gave her it to her in a bottle. Bryan, who this morning told me "Don't give in babe. You can do it!" Uh huh! I was so mad. All that work for nothing! Daddy was in the dog house for a little while, but we got over it. :)

Abigail played for the rest of the afternoon and she was so happy. I loved just sitting there watching her. She's so vocal these days and has SO much to say. I wish I knew what she was saying because it sure seems important! While I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, she was playing with the pots and pans on the floor. I thought back to when Abigail was first born and I would say how much I loved this age. I can remember people telling me that yes, this age is great, but wait until they are______. That's a really great stage! I realized tonight that it's true. I don't think that there's one stage/age that is the best. I think that it's every moment that you spend with your children. I absolutely loved when Abigail was an infant and would curl up and sleep on my chest. I loved her baby smell. I loved when she got bigger and learned how to sit up and start cooing. I loved when she had her first smile and laugh and everything in between. I love now seeing her learn how to walk and her being SO close to being able to do it. I love seeing her grow and learn knew things. I love that she's giving me kisses right now and playing chase with me. She is so smart and knows right from wrong. I love these moments. The moments that I'm in right now!

Tonight we sat down and had dinner as a family. Abigail fed herself dinner and then I watched her drink all of her milk from her cup! Bryan and I cheered and cheered for her! We were so proud! This morning was rough, but it was necessary and worth it. I had so much fun with her today! Her laugh is priceless to me and when she laid her head down on my shoulder when I put her to bed tonight, I thanked God for my beautiful daughter and for the struggles and triumphs we had today. These are the moments I will treasure forever! It was a good day. :)

P.S. She also brushed her teeth tonight for the first time with her new toothbrush and loved it!

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Angela Thomas said...

She is so precious!

That's funny about Bryan caving! We had the same issue when moving P to her crib. So many times Ryan has been ready to cave & put her in the rock 'n' play. I'm like nooooo not after all the hard work we've done!!I should hide that thing so he's not tempted! And you should hide the bottles! haha!

I'm glad she finally took the cup!! I'll need tips on that when it's time! :)


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