Saturday, April 11, 2015

Summer 2014

If I could sum up our summer of 2014 it would be with one word..WEDDINGS! Between Bryan and I, we had 4 siblings that got married between the months of May and August! It was fun, but we were very busy with traveling and wedding details! It was fun, but I think we're good not going to or having any more weddings in the near future!

The rest of our summer was spent with Bryan teaching summer school and just relaxing as a family at home! We also potty trained Abigail, which went better than I thought! She picked it up pretty fast and I was really proud of her! I continued to work on my Plexus business and lost weight too which was exciting! We went on a mini summer vacation with our best friends Jacque and Jason and went to Las Vegas together, since they had never been. We had a great time! Of course, the most exciting thing to happen to us that summer was finding out we were expecting again with baby #2! :)

celebrating the 4th of July!

playing outside with Mommy

baking cookies with Mommy!

her favorite part of course..licking the beaters!

Yay for Plexus! :)

bike ride with Mommy & Daddy!

Happy 5 year anniversary to us!

lots of fun at the pool

styling & profiling!

potty training time!


on our way to Vegas!

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