Saturday, April 11, 2015

Two Pink Lines!

We had been trying to get pregnant with our second child for about 8 months and had not been successful. It was disappointing, but we kept trusting in God that His timing was perfect and we would understand the reason of why we weren't getting pregnant when we were supposed to! :)

I woke up the morning of July 17th and took a pregnancy test. I had been waiting and was several days late, but had also had this happen in the past and I never got a positive pregnancy test. After going several months of testing and not getting anything positive, you just tell yourself to not get too excited and get your hopes up! I took the test in private, not telling Bryan anything. When those 2 minutes were finally up, I looked at the test and was shocked to see two pink lines! I was so excited! I immediately began thinking of how I was going to tell Bryan and pull off my surprise!

He had gone to teach summer school that day and waiting for him to get home was the hardest thing ever! When he finally arrived home, I had Abigail ready and waiting for him! What Bryan didn't know, was the over a year ago, I had already planned how I was going to tell him that we were pregnant with baby #2. I bought Abigail a shirt that said "Big Sister" on it and was going to have her wear the shirt to tell him. I can remember when I bought the shirt, they were out of the size that I needed. They only had a size 2T. It was completely a God thing, because I thought, oh well, it'll just be a little big on her and she'll grow into it! Well, turns out that 8 months later, it turned out to be the perfect size. I kept that shirt hidden for almost a year before I finally got to use it!

When Bryan came home, Abigail ran up to him and gave him a hug but he didn't notice anything. He immediately went into the kitchen and started making himself a sandwich! LOL! I grabbed her again and told Bryan to look at her shirt! He finally read it and was in shock! He kept saying, "Are you serious?!" He was so excited! :)

We all got dressed up and took pictures then went out to dinner to celebrate our exciting news! :) We praise God for our new miracle and thank Him for answering our prayers! We can't wait to meet you baby #2!

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