Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, if you were wondering what was dripping, that would be my nose. I want to know, WHO gets a cold in MAY???!!! Well I guess that would be. I just don't understand it at all. I hate colds. I'm sure that there are worse things that I could have right now, so I should be grateful for only having a measly cold..but I'm not.

Beware, the information I'm fixing to provide may not be appropriate for some and gross others out. Read on at your own risk!

Example #1 of why I hate colds: It makes it almost impossible to sleep properly and restfully. Nobody can get a good night's sleep with only one nostril to breath out of. And then if your nostrils aren't stopped up, they are flooding like the Red Sea when Moses and the Israelites finished crossing it! No joke, last night I went to bed and woke myself up because my nose had been running down my face. I went in the bathroom and had to wipe the snot OFF OF MY FACE!! This is COMPLETELY unnecessary!

Example #2: Because you use several boxes of Kleenexes wiping your drippy nose, you pretty much "rub off" your nose. Why is it necessary to have a raw nose? Isn't the fact that it won't stop running torture enough? NOOOOOOOOOOOO. You have to handle the dripping, raw nose, while at the same time walk around looking like Rudolph. How much torture can a girl take?

I also forgot to mention that there is NO makeup that will cover this up. Even if you did want to put makeup on your already raw skin, it sure wouldn't stay. Oh, I also forgot to mention that your body feels like an elephant sat on you, you want to sleep for days, and every time you blow your nose, it feels like you're blowing your brains out.

So, you can do what I do..not care what other people say, and walk around with Carmex/Vasoline rubbed on your nose. This provides some sweet relief! Now you really do look like Rudolph, especially with your red, shining, nose..but who cares! NOT ME!!!
Now, I'm sure that this is the best post you've ever read. I'm sure that you were highly stimulated, just like I was. Now that my work is done, I'll sign off. Good day!


Bryan said...

I am so sorry that you have a cold. I do not like it when you are sick. I hope that you get better but if you do not make sure that you go and see a doctor. talk to you soon

Something's Gotta Give said...

I hope you're feeling better! I've been having bad allergies lately, but no cold yet. Knock on wood...


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