Thursday, May 1, 2008

Read it!

This e-mail was recently forwarded to me and I am posting this in support of Jason! These are some things that YOU might not have known about him...but I did! :0)

Thought you all might want to check this out about Jason.

I am not in the habit of "recruiting votes" for various TV shows but this has been on my heart for a couple of weeks and I felt the need to action it. If you are not an "American Idol" fan, forgive me, but this is important. If you are already a fan and have a "favorite", you may want to ponder this information. I have watched for several seasons and never before have I seen such a 'bright light shining for the Lord' before now. I think Jason Castro is making a huge impact in Hollywood and I would like to see his "tour" continue. Because of his outward appearance, he has been labeled somewhat negatively but nothing could be further from the truth, so I wanted to provide you with a few real facts. Here we go............

  • Jason Castro, 21, (yes the dreadlock dude) from Rockwall, a junior at Texas A & M. His home church is Lake Pointe, in Rockwall.
  • He received a scholarship in Petroleum Engineering from A & M. He is a member of the Aggie Men's Club, a Christian service organization that spent last spring break in Honduras building houses.
  • He has been on two mission trips with his church to Russia.
  • When asked by IDOL interviewers, what his goals in life are, he responded,"To be a loving father, faithful husband, and servant of all." WOW!
  • When asked what he liked to do in his spare time, he replied, "...I get a lot of joy out of doing things for other people, because at the end of the day, if you've only done stuff for yourself, what joy is it?"
  • When asked what he would do with his first big paycheck, he said,"uh...probably pay off my parent's house...their bills, and stuff".
  • During the judges critiques, while most contestants try to defend themselves in front of the judges, Jason graciously accepts the criticism and smiles respectfully, even though the judges can be very cruel.
  • Jason was contacted by Rick Warren's church, (author of Purpose Driven Life) outside of LA, Easter week, and invited to worship with their congregation since he couldn't be at his own church, and of course, he went.
  • Earlier in the Idol season, Jason was asked about his faith by a few of the contestants and this therefore gave birth to a Bible Study among them.
  • He grew up playing the drums and when he went off to college, he taught himself to play the guitar, and has written several songs.
  • When he auditioned for IDOL last August, he had only sung 5 times in public.
  • Please include him in your prayer time. He has specifically requested prayers for his energy level. These kids are working 15+ hour days with very little down time and they are exhausted.

Finally, I want to reemphasize, this guy's joy is contagious and wouldn't we like a few other's to catch it? Let's keep him on the IDOL stage by voting. Feel free to pass this information on.

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