Sunday, May 4, 2008

fast random update

  • worked out with Mac (my new personal trainer) this past Thursday...almost died, but it was a good thing! He was really great about pushing me, but being encouraging at the same time..I think I'm going to survive
  • after that workout on Thursday I could barely move for the past 2's better today, thank God!
  • I'm SO proud of myself...I haven't had one sweet or one Coke/Dr. Pepper! GO ME! Believe me..they surround school especially, but I've been strong and not fallen to temptation! Keep praying for me...this next week is Teacher Appreciation Week...oh geezz
  • I stayed at home, alone, this weekend for the first time since February...I'm not sure if I like it anymore
  • I'm not going to get to see Bryan until May 16th...this makes me incredibly sad
  • I have my last grad class with the professor from hell tomorrow night...this makes me incredibly happy
  • now please pray that I pass the final for her class!
  • my sister graduates from Tech this weekend
  • I'm flying to Lubbock on Friday, and flying back on Monday
  • Friday is Field Day at school..I'm very excited at this! Last year, my class was the Kinder champions..we dominated. Hopefully I'll go for total domination, year #2!
  • I hate drinking so much water
  • I've been randomly dreaming about bugs the last couple of nights
  • I hate bugs
  • I'm obsessed with countdowns (if you've failed to notice this lately)
  • I think that's it for now!

1 comment:

Bryan said...

Well that is probably that shortest most informative blog I have ever read. I like the fact that you do not know if you like being home alone.


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