Monday, August 4, 2008

bad news bears

Well, I haven't posted in the last couple of days because honestly, I was mad/depressed/feeling sorry for myself..blah, blah, blah!

To begin with as every teacher knows, when school starts back up in the fall, the first thing that every teacher wants to be doing is getting into his/her classroom and getting everything ready. Or in my case, putting everything back together. However, in my situation, this is not feasible at the moment.

At my school, and all the schools in my district, we are being retrofitted with new technology in our classrooms and throughout the school. The new stuff is really awesome and I can't wait to get in there and use my stuff! However, again, not feasible at the moment. Because of the retrofitting, they took almost everything down off of my walls (a big teacher's nightmare) and honestly, my room is a WRECK! It's just a huge mess, and has my crap and theirs everywhere! So, I've been stressing, not knowing when they'll be finished and I'll be able to get into my room to put Humpty back together again. Oh, and that's not the worst news.

Earlier this week, we got an e-mail saying that there have been some room changes in our school, so to come up and see what they were. So, I hurry up to school last Friday to look at the list, and lo and behold, I am the ONLY ONE out of my team that has to..dun dun dun..



I know, I said it. It's horrible, I know. This, by the way, is every teacher's nightmare. And to add to my nightmare, I will be doing all of the moving basically on my own, since Bryan can't really come down and help, and none of my family can because they start school before I do. See how my nightmare keeps growing and growing?! :0(

Alas, there is nothing I can do. I have to sit and wait until they tell us that we're allowed to go in and work in our rooms...or for me MOVE rooms! :0( And then, I have to wait on my teammate, and she has to wait on someone else to move rooms, and then that person has to wait on somebody else and..blah, blah, blah.

So, yes, I'm just sitting here, trying to come to terms with my fate. But I'm still going to stay down in the dumps...until I actually hear some good news. Anybody have any good news??



cassandra sagan webb said...

Ugh. That stinks!! I'm sorry you have to move rooms. And there should be a rule about messing with teachers' stuff. It's just not right!

And btw, we do have a Mardel's here. It's in North Little Rock, about 20 minutes away. I'll probably have to make a stop there and see what they've got. :)

* Tyly * said...

I don't have anything that will make you feel better, but I have just as sad of a story!

At my school they tore out all the carpet and are installing tile. As of last week, it's not even close to done. On top of that, it's going to finish so late, that they wont have time to put our rooms back together, so we (all 40+ teachers) will have a COMPLETELY bare room. We have to hunt in the cafeteria for our stuff - ALL OF IT. Desks (student and teacher), our filing cabinets, chairs, computers, everything, then somehow get it all into our rooms and have the room ready by the time school starts.

Boohoo for me, too! :o)

Shaunna said...

Awww...That's horrible Chels! Wish I could come help you move your stuff!

Maybe the picture of Addilyn in the bathtub posted on my blog will make you least for a second or two:) It's worth a shot;)

Beth Vela said...

Well, I don't have good news either but a sob story to join yours...last year I had to move SCHOOLS!....after school started!! I also had to do it by myself because Ryan was taking a class at night...It was pretty much a nightmare! I def. feel your pain!

Amanda said...

oh gosh. all of that is really annoying Chels! I'm so sorry! moving rooms is so annoying, especially if you liked your old room! :(

* Tyly * said...

Details: He is a PE coach at an elementary school! It's not his dream job, but he already loves his principal, which is a great start!! Plus, he plans on getting a few extra certifications this year, so this job will give him plenty of time to work on that. He really wants to move to upper grades and coach a sport, but this is a GREAT start for now!! He is soooo happy, and so am I!!! :o)


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