Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Laborless Weekend :)

We had a great weekend in Shreveport and tried to be as lazy as possible! Bryan and I didn't get off until later (thanks to Bryan) but made it to Shreveport around 8:00 that night. Mom and Dad had Philly Cheesesteaks waiting for us. They weren't any Mr. Jim's but they were pretty good! We stayed up talking and then headed to bed.

Saturday morning we slept in and then Bryan went to the gym with the family while I hung out at home. We met for lunch at our favorite McAlister's Deli and it was very yummy! After lunch Bryan and I went and picked up a few things for Mom's birthday that day. We went back to the house and Bryan was great enough to let me have a little bit of shopping time. I've been having withdrawls, so I was VERY excited! I got a couple of cute shirts from JcPenney's and Target and a super cute pair of leopard flats so I was happy! :)

I went back and then we had dinner and watched football for the rest of the night! On Sunday morning we all got up and went to church, then went out to breakfast at Southfield Grill! Yummy also! After breakfast we went back to the house and then the girls went out and did more shopping :) while the guys stayed home and bbq'd for lunch. We had a great afternoon with the family and then Bryan and I drove back home that night.

Monday we slept in, watched t.v, and then later forced ourselves to get up and go work up at school. That was fun-NOT-but we got it done! :)

We had a great weekend! I wish that we had 4 day weekends all the time! :) Hope that your weekend was as great as mine!

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