Saturday, September 5, 2009

A New Look!!

As you've hopefully noticed by now, my blog has received a new look for fall! I was checking blogs tonight and saw on my friend Shyanne's blog that she recently updated her look! I was inspired, so I decided to do the same to mine! I didn't have anything else to do while Bryan watched hours of football, so I got to work. I used several different sites, but finally was satisfied with what I had.

I have had this annoying old background up there that would always show up first, and always be behind my current background for a while now. Well, I decided that since I worked so hard on the new look, I'd try and get rid of that old one. I clicked and clicked, and well, clicked one too many times because I deleted my old template. Yes, I about had a small heart attack when I saw that EVERYTHING was gone!

I don't know how I did it, but THANK GOODNESS that I was able to get it back. Don't ask me how though. I just know it's all there, and it's just the way I want it!

Enjoy~I know that I will! :)

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