Monday, November 12, 2007

Blood, sweat, and tears

This weekend I played hooky from school and went to Lorena to watch my brothers play their last football games of the season. Chandler's on the freshman team and plays on Thursday nights, so I've never gotten to go to one of his games, and he's always bugging me about coming to watch him~and even though I've been to Chase's varsity games, I haven't been to a home game this season. So in honor of the last games, I took off all day on Friday and arranged to leave early on Thursday.

I drove down on Thursday to go to Chandler's game at Robinson. They were said to be pretty good, so I was excited to see this game. I went with my mom and Chalen and the game turned out really good! Chandler had an awesome game~he's quarterback, but pretty much plays everything! He had the only touchdown of the night, got the sneak for the 2 points, and intercepted the ball with 7 seconds left on the board (and Robinson was fixing to score)! They won 8-6 :0)

My mom later told me that the other day Chandler was talking to my mom and he said, "Mom, I can't wait until Chelsey gets married and has kids. Then they get to call me Uncle Chandler!" I thought that was so precious~believe me and me both! That's just ONE of the many reasons that I love that boy!

On Friday morning, I woke up and went to my hair appointment with the wonderful Lita, at Cutting Up. They just moved to their new salon and it was BEAUTIFUL! I loved it, and of course Lita did a wonderful job on my hair. I L-O-V-E going to the salon. There's just something about getting your hair done that makes you feel like a million bucks! After my haircut, I went and met my friend Michael for lunch at our favorite restaurant, non other than McAlister's Deli! We both worked at that restaurant together (actually that's how we first met) so it was fun remembering all the good 'ole times! After lunch I went and got a much needed oil change on my car. I seriously drive back to Lorena to get my oil changed, because it's so much cheaper than getting it done in the Dallas area! After that, I went back home, hung out, and then got ready for Chase's game.

I wish that I could say that Chase's game went as well as Chandlers' did..but alas, it did not. We were basically obliterated...48-6. It was NOT pretty! I felt bad for the seniors, being it their last game. I couldn't believe that 5 years ago, on that Friday night I was there-having my last senior game, doing the senior walk, finding the piece of banner with my name on it. I can't believe that so much time has passed! I loved every moment of my high school career, but I'm happy with where I'm at now!

After the game was over, I went and gave my dad the traditional "after game hug". I then went to find Chase. He was standing over watching the seniors do their senior walk. As I went towards him, I noticed that he (unlike some of the other players) was drenched in sweat. His elbow was torn and bleeding and he looked so defeated. I went up and touched him on his arm, and he turned around and looked at me. He then wrapped his arms around me, laid his head down on my shoulder and cried. We must have been standing like that for only 10 minutes, but to me it seemed like forever..and I loved it. It didn't matter that I was getting completely soaked in his sweat and tears. I loved that fact that my brother didn't try and act like the man he's trying to be. He didn't hide his feelings or emotions. I loved that fact that he felt like he could be himself and not care what other people thought..but most of all, I loved that he was like that with ME!

You see, my brothers love me, and I love them. However, we don't really talk a lot, don't call each other on the phone or e-mail, they don't tell me about the girls or girlfriends in their lives, what they did last weekend, etc. We don't have a relationship that other brothers and sisters might have. However, these are the things that I know.

I know that even though we don't say it all the time, my brothers and I love each other more than life. I know that they would protect me from boys they think aren't good enough for me, and if it came down to it, they would lay down their lives for me, as I would for them. It's hard for me to imagine them as anything other than my babies. However, I know that they are growing each day and I pray that they grow to become godly men,like David a man after God's own heart. I do wish that we were closer, but I still wouldn't change how things are.

Most of all, I know that I wouldn't trade the blood, sweat, or tears for anything.


I love my sister though said...

awe! I wish I had a brother :(

* Tyly * said...

That was really sweet.

I have a very similar relationship with my brother and sisters. We don't vocalize it much, but the love is there.


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