Monday, November 26, 2007

My one and only "blonde" moment

For those of you who know me well, you know that I do not have "blonde" moments, and my hair is as dark as dark can be. Well, you could say that all those years of making fun of the blondes finally came back to bite me in the butt this weekend!

On Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family in Comanche, Tx (it's in the middle of Brownwood and Stephenville for you West Tx folks). Because of all the Thanksgiving traffic, I always drive down with my family and then drive back to Rockwall after we're finished on Saturday, to avoid all the traffic.

I printed off the directions from Comanche to Rockwall, and it said the drive would take me about 3 hours. I had made this same drive last year with my sister, so I wasn't worried about doing it again. I got off later then I had planned from my uncle's house and left around 5:30 p.m, but oh well.

I drove for probably about 2 hours and was getting close to Dallas when I saw the sign that said "Dallas 47 miles". I knew I was supposed to get on I30 E from Hwy 67. About this time, Jacque called me so I was on the phone talking to her. I saw the sign for I30 (or so I thought) and the turn looked familiar, so I got on the interstate. I talked to her for a while and then after we hung up, continued to drive. I suddenly saw a sign that said, "Hilsboro- 15 miles". Now, some of my friends will understand why I panicked at this moment. For the rest of you, I will continue to explain.

When I drive home to my parent's house, I drive from Dallas, to Hilsboro, to Lorena. It takes me about 2 hours to get from Rockwall, to Lorena. Hilsboro is about 40 minutes from Lorena. ENTER MY BLONDE MOMENT! In reality, when I was on the phone with Jacque I actually saw the sign that said I35 W, which leads back to Hilsboro/Waco/Lorena.


There is no way to describe how mad I was at myself. I thought that it must be a cruel joke on me; however, it wasn't. I thought back to when I was on the phone with Jacque and thought I had seen a sign earlier that said "Waco", but I thought..nah, couldn't be. Turns out it WAS!

So my "3" hour trip turned out to be an over 4 hour drive. The only way I made it was listening and singing along to Christmas music. Otherwise, I would have probably pulled my car over and just cried.



Erica said...

Well, at least I'm not the only one who had a way-too-long trip!

I didn't get the layout from anywhere. I made the banner on the top, and it's one of the pre-made layouts that I changed the colors on. It's not that hard if you have Adobe Photoshop.

cassandralynne. said...

Awww you poor thing!!

* Tyly * said...

Oh man, that stinks!!!

James' family is from Brownwood (still lives there!), and he lived in Stephenville for 6 years before moving here with me! I know the areas all too well!!!!

the blondest of blondes said...

I did that last Christmas...haha we went about an hour and a half in the wrong direction and were 2-3 hours late for Christmas dinner :) opps!!

Erica said...

That's so great that your mom did that! Not only was it good for you, but it set a great example for those of your siblings who were old enough to realize what was going on. And good for you for already making that decision! I think everyone ought to give it a shot for at least 1 month. (Most of the kinks are worked out by that point)If they decide they don't want to after that, fine, but you won't regret trying it.

I figured I would breastfeed for some amount of time, but not longer than 6 months, but was never really an advocate for one or another. Then I had Cate. 6 months came and it was so easy (I was home with her all day, it's free, and she was eating some solids) that I decided to continue til she was 1 year. She was weaned at 13 months. She never once had formula, and neither has Meg.

Wow, that was a lot longer than called for. I guess I feel more passionately about it than I sometimes realize.

cassandralynne. said...

Your mom breastfed 7 kids?!?! WOW...that must have hurt! ;)

Erica said...

A few minutes prior to this video, she did go a bit too fast, and ended up hitting her face on the wall. It slowed her down for about, oh, 10 seconds and she was off again. She was so wound up last night! Good news is that when she went to bed, she crashed - asleep within minutes.


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