Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday night "Hoe Down"

So to update all on my Saturday night festivities, the evening went really good. I went out to Sabine Ranch, which was about 6 miles down the road, so I was already happy that I didn't have to drive far! The weather was great. When I got there, I met a couple of people and we just sat for a while and chit chatted.

Around 5:45 p.m Shannon told us that we were going to go out to the area. We were like ok? but still went out there. As we got closer to the arena, we saw what was actually IN the arena. What was it you ask? Well, they were GOATS! Yes, I said goats. I thought to myself, "I seriously doubt that I'm dressed correctly for whatever event we're going to be doing!" I of course had dressed in my cute, western, outfit. Not my comfortable, running, getting down and dirty outfit..but I was like oh well! Good thing I like animals and goats!

So we all get into the arena with the goats, form teams and then find out that the first "game" we're going to do is called "dress the goat". We had to go down to the herd of goats, find one, dress it in a t-shirt (legs included) let the instructor know when we had it on, and then take it back off in the fastest time. Sadly, my team got an A for effort, but didn't have the fastest time. Our time was 1.18 but the fastest time was .36 sec. They were fast!

The second "game" tested our goat herding skills! :0) Our team had to herd the entire herd of goats to a certain point across the arena in the fastest time, with the largest number of goats. I am very proud to say that my team had the fastest time and won the herding contest! Oh out..we've got some serious skills ;0) Man..only in Texas! That's why I love this place so much..and am never leaving it.

After we worked up an appetite with our goat dressing and herding, we all headed back in to have some grub. After we ate dinner, we played games, and my group played the game "Mad Gab" one of my favorites..I'm so good at that game! We definitely had some good laughs!

*Kyrbie, remember when we played this at your house for your 16th birthday party? That was the first time I played that game. I still remember how much fun we had and how much we laughed. :0)

After playing the games, we all went back outside, treked about half a mile out in the dark, down to the bonfire. We sat around the campfire, made smores, and one of the guys brought his guitar and we all sang worship songs. It was so awesome! I was reminded again of how astonishing God's beauty is. Sitting there with people who love the same God that you do, worshiping in the same way, admiring the same sky lit with beautiful stars that our Creator was so amazing. It felt like God was wrapping His arms around me and saying, "I love you, beautiful daughter of mine!". It felt like...home.


cassandralynne. said...

Awww, what a great night! I might have to call PETA and tell them about your goat-dressing game, though. LoL. I love Texas!!

Oh, and what happens if you meet a gorgeous military man like I did and have to LEAVE Texas?!

kyrbie said...

awe! that sounds like so much fun. and yes, mad gab is probably the best game ever!!!


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