Sunday, December 16, 2007

My brother..

No, I'm not talking about Chase or Chandler. I'm talking about my other brother, Jason Christopher Cunningham :0) Over the past about 3 years, he's become like my brother, and I'm actually closer to him than my own flesh and blood brothers. He's truly the male version of's scary how alike we are. I don't say it often, but I love him like one of my own and here is one of the many reasons why....

Tonight, Jacque, Jason and I went to eat at Texas Roadhouse. We were waiting to be taken to our table and I was in line first. While we were waiting to be seated, a group of people were exiting the restaurant and passed by us. The man in front, who I'll call "Garth" (Jacque and I said he looked like Garth Brooks) walked right up to me, so close that he was touching me, and put his hand on my lower back. He said, "Excuse me while I get a toothpick!" So I moved out of the way and we followed our waitress to our table. On the way there, Jacque whispered to me that Jason was really mad because that guy had touched me!

When we got to our table, I could tell that Jason was really upset! He looked like he was gonna go beat the guy up! Jason said that it was UNACCEPTABLE that he did that. We were trying to not make it a big deal, but Jason told us that it was unacceptable that a man touch a woman that he doesn't even know on the lower back. Plus the man was married!! Jason said that he should have just stood there and politely asked me to move so he could get a toothpick, or just waited until I left.

I just really didn't think anything of it, but Jason was sincerely upset. It was so cute! It made my heart smile :0)

Jason also informed me tonight that as of now, any prospective boyfriends I have will now have to come over to J & J's house. Jason and the prospective boyfriend would go throw something on the grill and grill out. Jason would "grill him" about his intentions, and if Jason didn't approve of the guy, he would burn him or whack him with the spatula (or whatever it's called)! Again, too cute!

Jason, I love you brother! I can't wait for the day when we all come over and grill out. Hopefully it's sometime in this century! ;0)

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