Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prayer Committment-December 10th

Ever since I was a young girl, probably about 11 or 12, I wrote my first letter to my future husband with my best friend at the time, Mackenzie. We used to write the letters all the time and kept them at her house. Since then, we ended up moving and lost touch with each other, and with that, sadly lost the letters we wrote.

Through the years, I continued to write letters to my future husband, and now I have journals that I write in for him. I plan to give them to my husband when we get married. I love writing, but I haven't been as faithful in writing as I should have been. Another thing that I have been doing most of my life is praying for my future husband. Also, I have not been as faithful in this area as I should be; however, this is where I want to change.

I believe with my whole heart that my future husband is out there somewhere. This is truly the desire of my heart to pray for him everyday until I meet him, and then continue to do so after I marry him.

I will now begin blogging on how many days I have been praying for my future husband. This will keep me committed to this endeavor and also will allow me to blog and tell you on the day that we find each other. I am going to love telling my husband that, "Since December 10th, I have been specifically been praying for you..praying that God would bring you to me."

This will also allow my blogger friends to go on this journey with me..but most importantly prove that God has heard my request, He knows the desires of my heart, and that prayer is wonderfully powerful.

So it begins..day 2 of prayer! :0)


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Oh goodness. I continually marvel at how powerful prayer is. It truly is amazing how all we have to do is ask. I am happy that you have started this new endeavor. I, too, wrote journals to my future husband and gave them to Aaron when we got married. He didn't know how to handle it! It was very awkward! LoL!

I think what you've got started is a very good idea...and remember, when you completely and honestly surrender to the will of God, is when things just start magically appearing. It's unreal.

I love you and he will come!

cassandrasaganwebb. said...

P.S. Too bad you don't live here - there are plenty of smokin' hot single pilots available. ;)

Kyrbie said...

awe! I remember doing that :) and I agree with Cassandra..when I gave them to Will, he was a little taken back! I think he felt guilty that he had not done the same and it was a bit awkward. BUT, if you remember my toast at our wedding (that went on and on..), it was very neat to have proof that we were meant to be together and that I had been praying for him for so long.

Blake & Shaunna said...

I prayed for my Blakey too- Long before we ever met! The Lord is good...He hears your prayers and knows the desires of your heart!

Love ya girl!

Susan said...

Ok, so I know that I don't know you, and I know that this post is a month old, but I just wanted to tell you that I think what you're doing, this journal thing for your future husband, is really very cool. I can tell from reading what little of your blog that I've read, and your posts to Amanda that we don't share the same values, or religion or anything like that, but I have so much respect for your faith and your commitment to what you believe is true and right. I envy that sort of faith, and wish that Icould believe in something, anything like this. Anyway, that's all, and you probably think I'm crazy, but I wanted to let you know.

meredith said...

Very cool! I've taken the same idea and have been praying for the school I'll be working for as well as the children I'll be teaching. I am also praying NOW that I won't get suckered into all of the pettiness and gossip-craziness of the teacher's lounge. lol.
You're setting a wonderful example for all who read your blog, by the way. Way to walk the walk! :)


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