Sunday, December 2, 2007

Taa Daa!

Well, here it is, 3 plus hours later, and I can finally say that I have successfully finished putting up my Christmas lights! It wasn't as bad as I thought! I only had to make one trip to Walmart (this is a big success for me..I thought I'd have to make more) to get more lights and clips. I originally bought 3 boxed of icicle lights, and one thing of clips that had 26 in them. Well, turns out I way underestimated. I went back to Walmart and got another thing of clips, and 4 more boxes of lights. I guess my little house is longer then I thought! I should have bought 2 things of clips when I was at Walmart, because I completely ran out. However, I was NOT making another trip back, so I ghettoed it up and taped up the rest of my lights with clear tape! :0) And you'll never tell the difference ;0). Since it was after dark when I finished it, the pics aren't that great. I'll put up a pic, but in the pic it looks like my lights are colored..but they're NOT! Watch the video if you want to see how they really look, but you can't really see my house that much. Oh well! I must say that it was quite an adventure today, but I'm really proud of myself. I did the research before, read the instructions, and was prepared as I could be! I did it and I think my house has the best icicle lights on the block! ;0)

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