Sunday, December 2, 2007


If you haven't already read my post below, STOP now and do so. If you have, then proceed on!

I didn't want to ruin my wonderful post about my beautiful lights with bad news, so I decided to do a whole new post and vent about what went wrong this afternoon! I wasn't necessarily bad, just made me soooooooooooo MAD!!

First of all, I of course was outside all afternoon putting up my lights. I also had my windows inside open since the weather was nice. Well, I went inside to get a drink, and then all of a sudden my alarm starts beeping. I have an smoke/carbon monoxide alarm in my house. I thought it was really weird that it was going off, because I had been outside and hadn't even cooked/burned anything to set off the alarm. So I went to look and on the alarm it had the green light on and then it had a red light by the "go to fresh air" area. I called my daddy and he said to try and get up there and fan it or turn it off. Yeah, that didn't work. There was a reset button, so I pushed it. The alarm went off for maybe a couple of minutes, then came back on. So then my dad said to take the battery out. I said ok, I'll try that and we hang up. So I climb up there and yank and pull and push till I finally get that dang thing off the ceiling. Then I pull and shove and push till I FINALLY get the freakin battery thing off, and I pull out the battery. *sigh of relief, it finally stopped!)

I climb back down the ladder, go about my business, when what do you starts beeping again! DANGIT! It wasn't as long as before, but the alarm was still beeping. So I call my dad again! He said you took the battery out? I say yes, hmmm...then I don't know what else to do..something else must be powering it. I told him that the green light was still on, even though it had no battery! He then suggested going to my breaker box and flipping the breaker. So I run to the garage and flip the breaker, run back in, and the green light was off! yay? NO!! Then the freakin alarm beeped at me again! I swear I was about to climb up there and beat it to smithereans with my bat. However, finally it went off. That is the most stupidest alarm EVER!! I still want to smash it into little, bitty, pieces! :0) It was like an animal or something that just wouldn't're just like DIE ALREADY!

THEN when I was climbing up the ladder one of the 50 jillion times, I had my hand under one of the handles and raised it up really fast, and completely ripped a chunk of nail/skin off of my little pinkie! Then it started gushing blood and I raced to the bathroom to put it under water and apply pressure. It hurt soooooooo bad! I'm not a swearing woman, but I came pretty close to it just then!! Right now I have a bandaid on it, but it's still throbbing! Dumb alarm, dumb ladder!! UGH!

Well, at least I have beautiful lights up and nothing major happened. I'm just glad I have good balance and didn't fall off and break anything! :0)

Ok, now that I've vented, I'm off to bake a pecan pie for grad school tomorrow! Yum yum!


cassandralynne. said...

Lol, you poor thing! There is nothing worse than an alarm that won't shut off! You're a better woman than me - I will never, ever do lights on my house!!

They look great, by the way!

cassandralynne. said...

Uhm, the studying hasn't really started. This is the WORST time to take this test because of final projects and everything else finishing up at grad school...agggghhh!!!


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