Monday, October 29, 2007

Boot scootin' back home..

Well I can definitely say that my weekend was a success! I am definitely glad to be back home though :0) Jacque and I left and arrived at the airport early Friday morning on time and made our flight to San Angelo without any hassles (this is a definite PLUS for us ;0) When we arrived, our good friend we stayed with, Ashley, picked us up from the airport (which surprisingly Cassandra, is now finished with all the work they were doing on it. It looks like an actual airport now! Very nice!) When went back to her apartment, and then went out to eat at my all time favorite restaurant, McAlister's Deli. After that we went shopping at Hobby Lobby and checked out all the fall sales and the new Christmas stuff. Major fun! Then we went shopping at the mall, which some of it has also been redone..nice. Then we went back and got ready for the Phi Lamb barn dance.

The dance was a total success and so much fun! Jacque did an amazing job speaking. I was so proud of her! Probably mine and Jacque's favorite highlight of the night was getting to see SHYANNE!!!!!!! You probably would have thought we were weirdos if you'd have seen us. When we saw her, we started screaming her name and ran up and attacked her with hugs :0) We had so much fun recapping on our lives that night. *Shy..we talked later and said how great you looked and how much we missed your personality..and just you! :0)

Other highlights of the night were: getting to know and mingle with the Phi Lamb girls, dancing the Cotton Eyed Joe, doing the line dances (even though we weren't sure they were right), posing with John Wayne ;0) and just being with friends! It was a great evening!

The only NON highlight of my evening was when we got back to Ashley's apt, and I evidently got some bug, and spent the rest of the night hugging the toilet! NOT FUN! I still wasn't feeling good the next afternoon, but I finally felt better on Sunday. I don't know what it was?! Anyways, we said our goodbyes and made it back safely on Sunday morning.

Overall, even with my date with the toilet, it was a great weekend and I wouldn't have traded anything. I told Amanda that I missed college...I missed my friends, the fellowship, and Phi Lamb. I'd honestly forgot how much FUN college was. I wouldn't change my life now and I'm happy where I'm at...but honestly..I miss it! So that's the recap on my weekend! Enjoy a few pics from the weekend :0) me, Shyanne, and Jacque
me with the love of my life...John

Jacque doing her best John Wayne pose!

Phi Lamb girls with the alumni!
Phi Lamb loves the Rams!


cassandralynne. said...

Aww, that looks like so much fun. Chelsey, you are so beautiful!! Blue is definitely your color. I wish I could have been there.

Amanda said...

that looked like so much fun!!! I love all the pictures! You girls are so cute!!

The Holik's said...

Ahh, Chelsey. Y'all are so sweet. I loved seeing you guys too, and I definetly miss the college days as well. I can't believe you got sick. That is weird.

Erica said...

The stem is an ice cream cone covered in icing.

The Holik's said...

I am not coming this weekend. This I am not the cross-country coach, I don't get to come. :(

Blake & Shaunna said...

I miss the Phi Lamb days and college life! Looks like you girlies had fun!

Sarah said...

It looks like you had a blast!!


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