Thursday, October 18, 2007

Daily Praise!

I got my utility bill online yesterday and was surprised/shocked/thrilled when I read that my bill for October was: $39.05!!!!!

You will understand the reason for my excitement by knowing that last month's bill for September was : $116.24 :0(

Therefore, by subtracting last month's bill and this month's bill, I have a total of
- 39.05
$ 77.19

$77.19 left to spend however I want! Whoo hoo!

Can you tell how excited I am?!! This NEVER

happens! Thank you Jesus!


kyrbie green white said...

yay!!! how in the world did you pull that off???? Our tiny apartment was $97! We should probably not have the air on all day huh. dangit.

cassandralynne. said...

Yay for extra money!!

Stephanie said...

Utility? As in electric? Like the air conditioning? Ours was $303...and we do not keep it cold in here. Wonder what is up with that!


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