Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Grey's Update

I am happy to report that I finished all of season 2:disc 1 tonight and am MUCH happier with this season! I think I have laughed more tonight than I have with any of the first season. It was just so serious. However, I can say it's not as much in season 2 that I can tell. Right now there's not one of the characters that I'm not in love with..well except Addison and the Chief whoever (that just had brain surgery). I think that it's safe to say that I am pretty much hooked! Now, just 4 discs left before I can start on season 3! Whoo hoo!

P.S. the definite "awwww" moment tonight for me, was when Christina had the small breakdown and couldn't stop crying, and Burke walked in. When he tried to touch Christina, her mother said that she didn't want anyone to touch her. He just looked at her, took off his jacket, and then crawled into the hospital bed with her and held her while she cried *sigh*. I'm not afraid to admit that a tear might have been cried when I saw that! I loved it~


cassandralynne. said...

Oh, girl. You just wait. If you haven't cried yet, wait until the very last episode of the Second Season...holy cow.

* Tyly * said...

that is one of my all time favorite scenes in grey's!!!

i'm glad you are loving it!!

and cass, if you don't mind reminding me (in an email or myspace message that chelsea can't see!) what happened at the end of season 2? i forgot!


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