Friday, October 19, 2007

Needed: a thesis for life

Remember all of the main tips and essentials of writing a formal paper that you learned (or were supposed to learn) in high school and college? Every good writer knows that you can't write a good paper if you don't have a thesis~a topic, a subject, a main idea. If your main idea isn't clear, you've lost the reader and pretty much, your paper will suck. However, if you have a good thesis and a captivating subject, you will gain the reader's interest, and hopefully their respect.

I feel like my life is a formal paper and I have no idea what my thesis is. I have no subject; therefore, my "paper" sucks. I'm writing the story of my life and I have.... writer's block.


Stephanie said...

Oh Chelse. You are forgetting--He is the author. And He doesn't get writer's block. Ever. And His story will be amazing!!

cassandralynne. said...

Wow, Chelsey. That was very well-written. However, I'm sorry you feel this way. I think we all, at one time or another, go through this phase in our lives when we wonder, "Ok, what now?" I've been there. I spent years there. It's okay to feel that way. I wish I could tell you what the answers are. It's just a matter of waiting it out, seeking it out. It will come - and it will be better than anything you've ever dreamed. I promise.

Amanda said...

a thesis for life...that was well put!


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