Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

Well, first I must apoligize for the lack of posting as of recently, but the last post was just really good so I wanted to keep it up for a while! ;0) Plus, I've been really busy and am now talking on the phone during the times I normally write; however, you will not be getting any complaints from me!

This weekend was great. I vegged out, but also got my WHOLE house cleaned, so that was a plus! I hung out with J & J on Saturday and we went to lunch, did some shopping, and had a good long talk. I seriously don't know what I would do without those two! Especially during this time in my's just awesome to have people who've "been there, done that" and have wonderful advice to offer! LOVE them!

Today we had a staff development day and the kids had off. I will admit there's just something about getting to sleep in and then go to work in your jeans that makes for a great morning! The session wasn't bad either. My co-worker friend Courtney, just had a baby, and she came up to school today and brought baby Brody. He is SO cute! I then stole him from her and had him for most of the rest of the morning. He was so good. I fed him the rest of his bottle, burped him, and then he slept in my arms for the rest of the time. I loved having him in my arms this morning, cradling him against my chest. It just felt so right! All of my co-workers said that I looked "so natural holding that baby"...and I completely agree with them!

After the morning session, we all went to Becky's house for lunch. After that we came back to school, and I was one of the lucky ones who got to work in my room! Whoo hoo! This evening I had grad school, which was...well not as bad as last week's class, but still. I'm sorry, I just have problems with sitting for 4 hours, after teaching all day long! Yes, it's my party (or lack thereof) and I'll cry (or complain) if I want to!

Another highlight of my day was some text messages from a certain person. That and the fact that I was called "beautiful". Hmm..maybe if I hear that one a couple more times, I'll start believing it. ;0)

Well folks, I believe that's it for now! Hope your day was super fabulous! Be blessed!


* Tyly * said...

You ARE beautiful!

So we are getting texts and talking on the phone with a certain person during blog time, huh?! WOOHOO!

We'll let the lask of posting slide due to the good reason!


* Tyly * said...

dang it... i meant LACK, not lask!

Amanda said...

hmm...very's good to hear about this "certain person"! Keep it up!

Erica said...

Yeah, who is this "certain person"? We wanna know!

Sarah said...

I love weekends like that! :) And you are beautiful, missy! You, every one of your sisters, and your gorgeous mom! :P

p.s. Feel free to come to my house any weekend and clean. ;) I'll take you to the beach for dinner in repayment!

meredith said...

Sounds like a great day to me! :) And, I'm only slightly jealous that you guys had inservice while we had to work. Our inservice is next Monday (thank goodness!!), but I doubt I'll get to work in my room.

So...OTH? Any opinions? I ask myself every week why I watch such a ridiculous show...*sigh.

cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Yup, taking all tests to get certified across the board. And as far as my plans for next year -- still no idea. Just waiting for the school district to see if there's an elementary spot open for me. If not, I have no clue. If so, we'll go from there.


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