Saturday, February 2, 2008

A good day...

Today was a good day..well actually a great day! It began with me getting to sleep in really late, which is definitely one of my favorite things! After I got up, I went and made some lunch and then just watched t.v. Since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to take advantage of that and go running! Tyly and Meredith, you would have been proud! ;0) I'm almost done with week 3 of Couch to 5K..I only have one more work out for week 3 to do, so hopefully I can do that tomorrow, since the weather is supposed to be good! I was really proud of myself was still tough in the end for me, but I finished everything! I just hope I can do week 4 :0)

It made it easier today when I was running and it was getting harder to keep going and I wanted to stop, I was like "Chelsey..just don't think about the time..think about something else!" So I just looked up at the gorgeous sky and said, "Thank you Jesus for the beautiful day..the beautiful weather that's allowing me to be out running. Thank you for giving me the legs that are allowing to run, thank you for my sight that is allowing me to see where I'm running, and my good health that's helping me become more healthy!" It's definitely amazing to see how fast time flies when you aren't thinking about it and focusing on yourself!

After I finished my run, I played phone catch up with my sister Charity who had called earlier. She was doing good..

I also got to talk to my precious friend, Morgan! Seriously, any time I get to talk to Morgan completely makes my day! She is so wonderful and teaches me so much..she makes my heart smile :0) I love you my dear, sweet, friend!

Thank you Jesus for beautiful days, precious friends, and showering me with blessings I don't deserve!

*Oh, and today is day 48 of praying! I get more encouraged with each passing day..*


* Tyly * said...

I'm so proud of you! And I'm glad you posted such a great idea to help the running time pass! I just started Week 3 today, and there were plenty of times when I would glance down at my watch and groan... you have given me a great idea! Thank you!! :o)

Lisa said...

Hi Chelsea,
Im one who goes from blog to blog to blog, and I have to admit I enjoy reading your blog, you seem like such a upbeat, fun person....what is the weeks 3 of couch 5K????
I hope youdont mind me *reading your blog*, you also are a very encouraging person, you make me want to spend more time with my God, and I have been very distant with that lately. I miss him, I just get frustrated with things and just at times want to stop beliving..Anyhow...Your a very uplifing person....


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