Thursday, February 14, 2008

A wonderful day!

If you haven't read the post below, stop and do so now (or you will be confused with this post)!

Today was an awesome day for me! I normally am a scrooge when it comes to Valentine's Day, but since I started teaching, I actually started to like Valentine's Day. The kids made it so fun, and last year they brought me a ton of flowers, which I LOVE, so it was good! This years V-day definitely lived up and passed last years V-Day! My kids were so cute this morning bringing in their presents! I posted pictures of everything (or most of it) I received today.

This is the cute mug thing I got, that was filled with candy hearts. Right now in the cup, is all the extra candy I got. Beside it, are the two really cute stuffed animals I got, a cute bear and a bulldog.
My next favorite gifts were a Chili's gift card and a gift card for a MASSAGE! Yes, that's right!
This is a giant milk chocolate apple Tori gave me!
The giant plate of brownies Justin's mom made me The gorgeous plate she gave me that perfectly matches my kitchen colors!
The back of the plate..sweet!
The beautiful roses that Bryan sent me! Roses are my FAVORITE and I loved all the colors!
They are amazing! So beautiful! :0) Isn't he so sweet?!

I was also proud of myself because I went and did yoga today after school and then when I came home, I went a ran week 4 of Couch to 5K. It was SO hard, but I was SO proud of myself for doing it! Overall, today was a great day!

Well, I'm gonna go. Hope your Valentine's Day was as great as mine!


meredith said...

The roses are beautiful! I'm so glad you had a good day!

Bryan and Susan Neal: said...

Looks like an amazing day!! Beautiful roses!

Blake & Shaunna said...

Pretty roses from a sweet boy...Good stuff for sure:)

* Tyly * said...

How wonderful!!!! The roses are beautiful, and the gifts from the kids are sooo much better than ones I got! :o)

Stephanie said...

My "friends" never sent me roses like that! hehehe They are sooooooo pretty!!

Amanda said...

Good job Bryan!!! Those are gorgeous!!

cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Yeah, seriously. I agree with Stephanie...what kind of "friend" sends roses?! Glad you had a great day!

Sarah said...

I love the roses!!


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