Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cass~this one's for you!

So, at this moment, I'm going through my guest bedroom and sorting through all my crap in my desk and closets (aka throwing crap away). Therefore, I was cleaning out my old backpack, and came across my old college planner..which you can notice is from '03-04..anyways, I'm looking through it all when I notice where I've written "call Cassandra". I don't even remember what I called you for, or if I even called you! I just thought it was awesome that I found that! SO I had to take pictures and show you..they are horrible, but hey-it's the thought that counts right?!

Secondly, I did stumble across the 'ole Phi Lamb phone book..those were the good old days! Just thought you'd like to see your beautiful page again!

Needless to say, I am so happy that we were in Phi Lamb together and that God has brought you back into my life!

Blessings sweet girl~


Blake & Shaunna said...

I had that planner!! And I still have my Phi Lamb phone book- I miss those days!!

How you link stuff (Like the Nicole Richie thing)
1.Go to the page you want to link
2.Copy the URL (the www.
3.Highlight the word in your blog that is going to the link (EX: Nicole Richie)
4.Then click the link icon on your blog (Mine is a green sphere/circle looking thing and it's near the top of where I type my stuff)
5.Paste the link into the spot with "http" typed in it

Blake & Shaunna said...

I hope that stuff above makes sense!

Ms. Collier said...

I think being a real teacher hasn't hit me yet. It will become a reality on Monday when I have to sit through a week of orientation crap!

cassandralynne. said...

Awwwww!! That is so sweet!! Don't you just love finding old stuff?? And I totally can't remember why you called me, either. Prayer meeting? I have no idea! Thanks for making me nostalgic! And boy, was my hair short...

Amanda said...

Chelsey!!! Oh my gosh! haha..Chels, of COURSE I remember you! We've known each other since basically birth! haha...I love love love seeing you on here!! And you're in Rockwall?? You're like 15 minutes away from me!!


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