Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Classroom

Kindergarten Hallway (my room is the first on the left)

You know..the whole fishing theme "Hooked on Learning"
My awesome bulletin board! I'm very proud of it..I thought of and designed it all on my own! Am I a coach's daughter or what? ;0) my door
my desk area
word wall
sink/cabinet/range-stove thing/reading area
my calendar wall..don't even ask how long it took me to do this! looking at the door
job wheel, more books
front of the room...
awesome alphabet/number/seasons rug!
my welcome for the first day!
Well there they are girls! Hope there's enough pictures for ya'll :0) And I'm still waiting on pics of someone's room..not to name any names.. Amanda..:0)
Well, if you're reading this, please pray for the students that will be entering my room tomorrow! Pray that God will give me the abilities to teach them what they need to know..and model God's goodness in my own life!
And so it begins...again


cassandralynne. said...

Aww your room is sooooo cute!! You'll have a wonderful first day!

By the way, what tests did you have to take to get certified? I want to get certified for elementary and was curious about which ones to sign up for - did you take the the EC-4 test? What does "generalist" mean? Did you also have to take a pedagogy test? Sorry for all the questions. I know you're busy, so just write back when you get a chance.

Have a wonderful first day, Ms. Snodgrass!!

Ms. Collier said...

You have a fabulous room!! It looks so inviting!!! Good luck today and I will be praying for you! Please pray for me, as it is the first day of my career of molding little lives! Have a wonderful first day!

Blake & Shaunna said...

I can tell from the pictures of your room what a wonderful teacher you are! Hope this year is a blessed one! Love you!

Amanda said...

OH MY GOSH! will laugh when you see the pics of my classroom. (sigh) the differences between high school and elementary school..haha... it looks perfect!! Hope today was fabulous!

beth said...

wow! you are amazing! oh, and i found out today that i'll be in a kindergarten class for the first 7 weeks! i thought of you when i saw that :)


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