Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I just wanted to wish my daddy a Happy Birthday today! I won't say exactly how old he is, but I will say that he's my hero and the best dad in the world! I love you!


Amanda said...

oh my gosh!! I haven't seen your family in forever!! Happy Birthday Coach!! Your going to have to post more pics of your fam just for me! :)

Amanda said...

we have been going to The Heights in Richardson because my husband's old band used to play there. They don't anymore so we have been thinking of looking around just because we didn't do that before. We love the Heights though. But actually, we are going to try Lakepointe in Rockwall because one of our really good friends Wes Hamilton is one of the pastor's there! We are going to try that in a week or two when Wes is home on a weekend! But I've heard good things about that church, so you could try it!

Sarah said...

Hey missy! I need some new house pics with furniture and decorations! Or could be like me, I'm decorating as I unpack each room. So lazy! :)


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