Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The New Do!

is a little shorter then I thought it would be, but with the rate my hair grows(about an inch a month) it will be longer in no time! P.S. I have no idea why it's doing this gay underline thing up here..anybody know how to get it off?

Here's the before pic:

Here's the after pic (4.5 inches shorter): curly
Here's the back so you can see what it looks like~

You like? Tell me what you think!


Ms. Collier said...

It looks good! I like it!

cassandralynne. said...

Gorgeous!! I like how dark it looks now, too! So pretty!

beth said...

i love it! but you're gorgeous no matter how long your hair is :)

Blake & Shaunna said...

Very pretty! I agree with Cassandra- the dark color is great-It really makes your blue eyes pop out even more than they did! You're beautiful!!


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