Monday, August 13, 2007

Home...'s true! I'm officially moved into my new house! It was exhausting and HOT and did I say that it was HOT? I'm pretty sure that the heat index while we were moving was about 107, but hey it's cool-I needed to sweat off some pounds anyway! :0)

I will say that I had a very interesting weekend, and it's not stopped getting interesting..but that's life..and God is good! Thank you Jesus for being amazing and all powerful!

I'm exhausted and quite stinky today from cleaning my old apartment today, so I now am off to take my first ever bath in my new jacuzzi tub! :0) I promise I will write more tomorrow!

Buenos noches!


Ms. Collier said...

How's the house?! I finally have mine put together! I'm not nearly ready to have kids yet I figured out yesterday. I need so many things!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new home! I know...moving is crazy..especially in this Dallas heat!

How great that you know people I know! Well, Runks was my youth minister and we're still really good friends. He actually officiated my wedding!

And I used to work on the Chrysalis team with Tobi and fell in love with her! She is just so fabulous! I'm jealous you got to spend time with her!! :)


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