Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yes, I're like "hugs"? what? I know..interesting right..
This week I discovered how important hugs are...I're thinking, "Chelsey you didn't know that? You're an idiot!" Anyways, I guess I've never really thought about them. This week however, I realized how much I craved them..but more importantly it was from WHO I received them.

I thought about how often I hug people..or maybe how often I don't. I know we all have people in our life that we hug and how they are ALL different. Uncle hugs are different than how you hug your hugs are different then you hug your best friend. I think that's because of the different emotions and reasons that you hug people.

I can think of one of my best friends and when I get to see her, I get so excited because of her hugs..I know you think I'm probably silly, but she honestly gives hugs full of love and they are amazing! I love hugging my dad because I always feel like I'm a little girl and loved in his matter how old I am. Receiving a hug from someone you love is amazing because it's nonjudgemental, comforting, and home.

However, so far the best hugs I've ever received in my life are from children...specifically my students. Do you know why? Because they are the most honest and heartfelt. There are no hidden agendas, no formalities, they don't do it out of politeness. They don't give some half hearted, one arm on the side hug. They wrap both arms around you and hug for dear life! They hug you because they honestly are so excited to see have some special place in their make their day..and hugging you is the best way to show it~rather than express it with words like adults do.Sometimes I think as adults, we should use less words, and just REALLY hug a person more. That's better than any words we could say. I love looking down on that little face because every emotion they are feeling and trying to express is written all over their face. It is truly amazing. I know all this, because I've experienced these hugs this week..and I'm so thankful I did.

So go hug someone you a child


Anonymous said...

Good to think about...I'm so a bad hugger. I need to get better about that! I think it might be because I'm a few inches taller than all of my friends (minus my husband that's a foot taller than me). Hmm...I don't have a blog so this is anonymous...but who am I Chelsey?? hehehehe :)

Chelsey's Chatter said...

haha..hmmm..who could have a REALLY tall husband?? I might need a little time to figure that one out!

Amanda said...

I LOVE hugs! Wes, the husband, gives the best hugs! When he's gone traveling, I just start to feel all sad inside after awhile and then I think "I don't think anyone has hugged me or touched me at all in like 5 days!" Humans just can't go on without that!


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