Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy one month belated blog birthday to me!

Yes, so I celebrated my one year blog anniversary a month ago on June 9th, but actually forgot about it until recently, and then just got around to writing about it today, which is ironically July 9th! I just thought that it was funny..haha.

Anyways, in memory, I think that you should all go back and read my very
first ever post, which I'm betting most of you have never read. I think that it would be cool if everyone went back and read everyone's posts from the very first one. I know that reading someone who writes a lot like Cassandra might take a while ;0) but I think it would be neat! I think all the time, "oh I really liked that post, I wish people would read it!" So that's my challenge to you friend, when you have time, choose a friend and go back to their posts and began reading about their life when they first entered the blog world!

Well, even though it's a little late, happy belated one year anniversary to Chelsey's Chatter, 329 posts later!


Amanda said...

yay! happy blog anniversary!

Kelly Sellers said...

holy moly! 4 blog entries in one day. that's an unprecedented event in my blogging experience. WOW. that's amazing. i'm genuinely impressed. carry on wayward blogger! :)

mnk ♥ said...

yay :) so exciting!! have a great weekend, chels!

* Tyly * said...

Happy blog anniversary!

So today James and I went to a wedding in Sulphur Springs, a place I ha never even heard of. During our looong drive to get there, we drove through ROCKWALL! I had no idea we would even be traveling though there! Your city is beautiful! I had never been there, either!

Bryan said...

Well I am glad that you had your blog birthday, but you know you really need to post something new. LOL Yes I know I take up all of your time but well anything would do. I need something good to read. I LOVE YOU CHELSEY!!!!!


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