Thursday, July 17, 2008

random tidbits of information

I haven't done a bulleted post in a while, so here's one for today!

  • I've started making a scrapbook of me and Bryan so I've been obsessed with that lately! I have never scrapbooked before, so I'm new at this! I got my scrapbook, all the pages and stickers, and am trying to scrounge up all the pictures I want to use. I'm totally "winging" this scrapbook, so I hope it turns out good. I know some of you scrapbook, so feel free to offer any ideas/advice if you have it!

  • This past Saturday Bryan and I celebrated our 4 month anniversary! Some of you are probably like "yeah, that's nothing" but to me, I can't believe the time has flow by so fast! I know before we know it we'll be celebrating 6 months, then 1 year. :0) To celebrate our anniversary, we went shopping (which was REALLY fun! ;0) then went and saw "Get Smart" and had dinner at Gloria's at the Harbor. It was so pretty! We had such a great day! Ironically, this was the first anniversary that we had spent together! We've always seen each other close to the actual date, but never been together ON it! We always joke that we're going to ruin it if we actually spend our anniversary together. Haha..oh well, I think we'll be ok!

  • There are babies EVERYWHERE! Lots of people are fixing to have a baby, or just found our that they are expecting! I can't wait for baby K. Holik to get here and I'm so excited for Brittney and Stacey! Congrats girls!

  • My baby is coming back again tonight, but this time for over a whole WEEK! I can't tell you how happy we both are for this! On Friday we're planning on going down to Lorena to spend a couple days with my family. After that, we're driving down to San Antonio with Jacque and Jason to spend some time with her family, so they can meet Bryan! They're like my second family, so in some ways, this is another "meet the family!' haha. While we're there we're going to go to Sea World and do some other fun stuff in SA. I can't wait! After that, Bryan and I are going to drive back to Rockwall and go to Six Flags, then just spend some time relaxing and enjoying the rest of our summer!

  • I can't believe the summer has flown by so fast..pretty soon I'm going to have to start working on stuff for school and start going up there...blah! Sorry, I'm not in my "excited to go back to school mood" yet. I'm still in the "I want to enjoy summer with my boyfriend time!"

  • Ok, I think that's it for now. Keep reading below for another new post!

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